People Who Used Their Looks To Get Out Of Jail

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The justice system is in a country to keep its citizen safe from criminals and create a peaceful environment for them. But there are some dangerous criminals who got themselves out of jail not because of their innocence but due to their good looks.

So today we’re going to check out 10 criminals who got out of jail because of their good looks

1. Stefanie Woods

People Who Used Their Looks To Get Out Of Jail

Back in 2008, Stefanie made national headlines because she is a beautiful young lady who follows law and respects people? Well no, not really. Stefanie decided to rob girl scouts, this incident was broadcasted around the country and she earned the nickname ” Cookie Monster”. She was a teenager at that time so she just received juvenile sanction and was released in some months. She and her boyfriend later were convicted in a drug case and also in a robbing case but again the court declared her to be an innocent kid and released her. Seriously, showing an innocent face doesn’t mean the person is innocent too.

2. Alysa Bathrick

Alysa Bathrick, a city teen whose mugshot went viral and earned her the nickname “cute mugshot girl”. On Nov 19, 2014, she was arrested on some drug charges and she tweeted a photo with a message ” Surrendered me at 7 a.m and released at 11.30 a.m”. After some time she was again arrested for shoplifting but again got released because of her pretty and cute face. She does the crime, spent 4 hours in jail and comes out, WOW.

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3. Meagan Simmons

She is well known as an “Attractive Convict”. Soon when her mugshot was released, men didn’t even know what crime she did but already laid their eyes on her, she went viral on the internet within 24 hours. She got dozens of marriage proposals and was on top of all memes despite being a mother of four kids, but little did anyone know that she was arrested for DUI in July 2010. But she got away with that crime soon because of her attractive looks and fondness amongst men.

4. Angela Coates

Angela Coates was arrested for disorderly conduct in Georgia. But as soon as her mugshot got viral, lots of men offered dollars for her bail, but all that wasn’t needed because she was released the same night because the law doesn’t care about crime, it just cares about beauty. I wonder if I could also get released after doing some crime, but sadly am not a model nor am a hotness queen to get myself rescued from crimes.

5. Stephanie Beaudoin

Stephanie Beaudoin was arrested and charged for keeping three illegal firearms in her car, she also robbed 39 houses and made enough cash from them. Obviously, she wasn’t alone in these crimes, she took help from three kids whose age were 11, 13 and 17. You must be wondering that she must be in jail thinking of why she committed these crimes, but no you’re wrong. She was released within 90 days as her bikini photos went viral and as she came out she became a model. How cool? I thought she must’ve been sentenced to life imprisonment or so, but these aren’t made for beautiful convicts.


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