10 People With Strange And Weirdest Addictions That Will Make You Go WTF!

Hello People out there! Welcome back to Humor Nation! If drinking alcohol is an addiction, what would you call someone who is addicted to drinking blood everyday. If drugs is what is called an addiction, what would you say if you know someone who is addicted to sniffing dirty diapers. There are all kinds of strange addictions. Today we will be looking at some of the strange and weirdest addictions ever known.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 People With Strange And Weirdest Addictions Which Will Make You Go WTF!

1. 2 Litres Blood Everyday

Julia Caples is a women, from Pennsylvania. She is 45 years old, and is addicted to drinking blood. She drinks 2 litres of blood everyday. This addiction of hers is since last 30 years. I wonder if she is a Vampire? Duhh! Who else would do that?

2. Addicted to her own Urine

Ewwwwwww, but it is right. As if it is green tea, but Carrie Fiorillo, a 53 year old woman, drinks her own urine. She is addicted since last 4 years.

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3. Glass Eater

Josh lives in Ohio. He is 27 year old man, with a edgy addiction. He eats glass. Since last 5 years he had intaken 250 bulbs and 100 glasses. And the number is ever since increasing. What his body is made up of, iron?

4. Nail Polish as a Drink

Bertha is a 23 year old women. She is been drinking nail polish from at least 5 years. She is not happy about it and she is worried about her health. As she was featured on TLC’s show my strangest addiction, she expresses her worry. She even sometimes consumed 5 bottles per day. Till now she had consumed 26 gallons of nail polish. Other women may now know, where nail polish can lead them, beware.

5. Eating Toilet Paper

Jade Sylvester is a 25 year old woman. She lives in Gainsborough, UK. She have five children. We have all heard that a pregnant woman maay crave for many things. But, Jade’s case was different, when she was about to give birth to her 5 child, she developed a craving for toilet paper. She sometimes eats a complete roll in a day. Now, hunger issues resolves as toilet paper now comes under eatables, hahahah!


6. Dirty Diaper’s Addiction

Keyshia lives in Queens, New York. She is addicted to sniff, suck and chew diapers. Not only this, she sniffs dirty diapers and she had developed this addiction. According, to her these dirty diapers smells like very strong food. Ahhh, may be we can say it is a kind of recycling.

7. Cat Hairs as Food

Lisa loves eating cat hair and she cannot resist more than two hours without eating the hair. She is been licking her cat’s fur for over 3 years now. She is 43 years old now and is a profession kitty hair eater, when it comes to weird eating habits.

8. Coffee Enema Lover

Trina and Brian lives in Florida. They are a couple who are addicted to coffee enemas. They both have done 7,000 coffee enemas over the last two and a half years.

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9. Husband’s Ashes

Cashie is a 26 year old widow. She have faced a tough time after her husband’s demise. She had an attachment to her husband’s ashes. Cashie became so obsessed that she developed a habit of eating her husband’s ashes. She interacts with the jar in which the ashes are kept and wherever she goes she takes it with her.

10. Two Pounds Rock in a Day

Teresa Widener is a 45 years old care worker. She developed an addiction for rock pieces. Most wondering part is she eats 2 pounds rock every day. It comes to 730 pounds a year. I guess she finds it like a cake of stones.

10 People With Strange And Weirdest Addictions That Will Make You Go WTF!

So guys that was our list of the most strange and weirdest addictions ever.

Stay tuned to Humor Nation!

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