“Period. End Of Sentence” Set In India Won Best Documentary Short Award In Oscar 2019

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Today we’re going to talk about a film ‘Period. End of Sentence’ which broke all taboos and openly showcased the problems of a rural woman who goes through her menstruation cycle.

This film is available on Netflix and its name is “Period. End of Sentence”.

When this film won an award, the makers were very shocked as they never expected a film based on menstruation would ever win an Oscar.

"Period. End Of Sentence" Set In India Won Best Documentary Short Award In Oscar 2019

This is a film which shows the story of a group of women who produce really cheap sanitary pads through their machine so that the women in rural India can have access to it and also in this way they would safeguard their health and improve their hygiene standards. In rural places women don’t buy sanitary pads as they are quite expensive and so they just use some kind of cloth that can seriously damage their health.

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This film was directed by an American-Iranian director, Rayka Zehtabchi who is just a 25 year old filmmaker and Guneet Monga is the producer of this film. Do you guys know what’s more interesting than all of this? It’s the fact that a woman director won an award which is pretty rare in Oscars. When this award was handed over to Rayka, she was just stunned and couldn’t believe that out of all kinds of short film, her film won an award.

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This film also showed that when a girl hits her puberty, she is often dropped out of school as she has become a woman and the one who hits her period is said to sleep outside the house as it is believed that they are not pure during those days. It is really a shameful fact for India and people should be really educated about such things and such taboos should be broken.

Twitter is overloading with the overwhelming response of all celebrities and it is really a great honor for this movie. So if you guys haven’t watched this film then you should take a sneak peek into this film and tell us what you guys think about this film.

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