Petrol Prices Of 100 Countries Around The World

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The price hike in petroleum products is becoming a pain for the individuals.Where on one side we Indian want India to be a developed country but somewhere want to share price of a poor country. Rise in petrol price not only dent our savings but also our monthly budget. Today we will be taking a look at petrol prices.

Petrol Prices Of 100 Countries Around The World

With the daily revision in prices, you might fail to notice how the consumption of you fuel is continuously on the rise. In many countries where price of petrol is rising , there are some countries where petrol is the cheapest commodity they could have. The pattern and costs continue to change every once in a while.

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Indeed, you might be amazed to know that country like Venezuala spend just Rs.0.58/litre of petroleum( in INR), isn’t that too cheap and affordale? It’s enough to make the citizens of other countries feel jealous about.

Where countries like Venezuala are selling petrol at cheapest rate, countries like Hong Kong and Iceland are selling petrol at a very high rate of Rs.144/litre. Oh god! it just seems like a nightmare.


Today, let’s discuss about the price of petrol in various countries and let’s know where India stands in this race( prices are as per the date 22nd june 2018).

Petrol Prices (Per litre) of petrol in different countries

Country Name Price (in Indian rupees)
Venezuela 0.58
Sudan 23.24
Kuwait 23.64
Iran 24.49
Algeria 24.59
Egypt 25.07
Ecuador 26.60
Nigeria 28.53
Syria 29.73
Bahrain 36.05
Kazakhstan 36.45
Uzbekistan 36.52
Saudi Arabia 37.00
Qatar 37.37
Malaysia 37.72
Oman 39.23
Iraq 42.97
UAE 43.90
Burma 44.05
Indonesia 44.66
Ethiopia 46.40
Afghanistan 46.54
Belarus 46.75
Russia 48.98
Tunisia 49.80
Pakistan 51.64
Colombia 54.08
Bhutan 57.02
USA 57.56
Lebanon 62.51
Namibia 62.85
Vietnam 63.27
Sri Lanka 63.77
Georgia 64.25
Fiji 67.98
Taiwan 68.50
Nepal 68.74
Mexico 69.10
Ghana 69.46
Paraguay 70.13
Bangladesh 71.69
Philippines 72.29
Kenya 73.68
Cambodia 73.98
Australia 74.29
Mauritania 76.75
Ukraine 76.79
Argentina 77.60
South Africa 79.68
Costa Rica 79.72
Thailand 79.79
Brazil 80.10
India 80.22
China 80.90
Morocco 81.19
Canada 81.68
Senegal 83.84
Madagascar 84.00
Bahamas 85.73
Cuba 86.15
Jamaica 86.86
Bulgaria 87.26
Chile 88.63
Japan 89.31
Turkey 91.95
Poland 94.36
Zimbabwe 94.57
Yemen 95.01
Romania 98.47
Hungary 99.27
South Korea 100.56
Jordan 100.68
Czech Rep 100.75
Serbia 101.57
Austria 101.59
Mauritius 102.85
Cyprus 103.76
Spain 106.16
Slovakia 109.77
Uruguay 110.06
New Zealand 110.90
Switzerland 110.98
Singapore 111.62
Ireland 114.58
Germany 115.46
UK 116.34
Belgium 118.83
Finland 124.44
France 125.25
Sweden 126.47
Portugal 126.53
Israel 127.43
Italy 128.77
Greece 130.70
Monaco 131.74
Denmark 131.99
Netherlands 133.50
Norway 139.85
Hong Kong 144.23
Iceland 144.52


It really upsets me to see that the petrol price in India is very high, i.e. Rs 80.22/litre. The prices of the product are certainly set to be increasing day by day and we hope that it reduces after a while.

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