Popular Shows & Movies That Referenced The Vampire Diaries

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While the Vampire Diaries itself featured plenty of references to popular movies, shows, and pop culture. Such as Damon Salvatore reading 50 Shades of Gray book. But did you know there are movies and show that referenced Vampire Diaries. Some of these references are really subtle and it takes a keen eye to observe them.

So Take A Look At The References To Vampire Diaries In Other Popular Shows & Movies


Stage 6 Films

The Final Girls is a 2015 released film that revolves around a girl who finds herself trapped in the universe of a hit film that was acted by her mom. Now along with her, she must battle the antagonist of the movie and survive. This film stars Nina Dobrev playing the role of Vicki Summers, a former friend of the movie’s main heroine Max. Interestingly, there’s a scene where the character of Vicki uses a carved wooden stake against Billy, the villain of the film. This is an obvious reference to the Vampire Diaries, a show that gave Nina major fame and acclaim.


The CW

Supernatural has referenced plenty of popular shows. Many do not know, but this fantasy show has also referenced the Vampire Diaries. Did you know a crossover nearly happened between the two shows. The SPN team approached Julie Plec, co-creator of TVD, for a crossover between TVD and Supernatural, but TVD was still finding its feet at that time, and therefore decided not to experiment. In Season 4, Episode “It’s A Terrible Life”, both Sam and Dean are placed in reality by Zachariah where they live normal lives, and are not hunters. They work a blue-collar job at a company. Interestingly, this episode featured two characters named Ian and Paul who worked in the same company. This could be a reference to Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley who played the titular characters on Vampire Diaries. However, this Season 4 Episode aired months before TVD made its debut.

Supernatural Season 6 Episode ‘Live Free Or Twihard’, the episode revolves around the Winchesters battling a gang of vampires. Dean Winchester turned into a vampire in this episode. The episode features references to the Twilight series. The episode features a scene where the Winchesters are investigating a room and they come across a toy crow. If you remember the TVD Pilot Episode, Damon controls a crow to spy on Elena. Both Vampire Diaries and Supernatural aired on the same CW Network.


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