8 Posters Depicting What We Think And What Our Mom Think

Hello Readers! Welcome Back to Humor Nation. Generation gap is a big thing, even today also. And, us and our moms perception would would always be contradictory. As we know that everything is online, but they thinks that we are wasting our time. As, mobile is their constant complain about us. Today we will present to you some posters that will depict this age gap.

Generation gap is clearly visible in some of these everyday things, when our mom thinks that reason for all our problem is our mobile phone. It is also visible, when she thinks growing hair for boys is a girly thing. We see generation gap, when senior citizens do not appreciate a boy and a girl holding hands. Even our cold drinks seems like cleaners to them. Junk food habits seems like disease whether it is not our everyday habit. And most hilarious is when your mom see you driving, even what might not be called as a speed for you, for her it is like Rash Driving. Although the time is changing, but we don’t know how much time more will it change to change these awkwardness between us and our parents. We love them the most, but they think a bit differently. We know they love us too, and whatever they do, it is for our welfare, but the mentality needs a bit of maneuver.

So, Let us see these 8 Posters Which Depict this far fetched generation gap very relatively:

1. Bike Riding or Piloting an Aeroplane. Both are dangerous according to a mom.

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2. Too Hairy, she thinks too Girly, boys shouldn’t have such hairstyles.

3. Nails or Cutters! Even Wolverine’s mother would have told him, “Beta Nakun Kat Le, Bahut Bade Ho Gye Hai”.

4. A little modern dress. A mom doesn’t simply allow her daughter to wear such modern dresses.


5. Her Junkphobia. Avoid junk food at all expense. Eat healthy, nutritious food.

6. Cold drink or toilet cleaner. That’s why you shouldn’t drink soft drinks. They are not good for your health…any mom would say.

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7. What we think of beard and What she thinks when it comes to that.

8. What we drink and what she thinks we drink.

8 Posters Depicting What We Think And What Our Mom Think

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