Problems With The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina That Everyone Chooses To Ignore

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been a successful show over its two seasons and the third season is on its way. This show has been adapted from a comic book series which made it more interesting. Though this show may be amazing, there were many plot holes in this show that we missed. So today we’re here to discuss those flaws, so let’s start.

So here we present you some problems with Sabrina that everyone chooses to ignore!

1. Werewolves can also be familiars

Problems About The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina That Everyone Chooses To Ignore

Zelda once said that familiars can only be goblins, but Nick’s familiar was a werewolf who raised him. How can a werewolf be his familiar when they’re meant to be a person. So practically a person cannot be a familiar but Nick’s familiar is.

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2. Theo in the basketball team

Susie has turned her into Theo and became a part of the basketball team with Sabrina’s help. But why does Theo want to be a part of Basketball when he isn’t that good in it after all? Why take someone in the team who can’t even and needs magic tricks to win.

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