Qualities Of Shri Narendra Modi Which Make Him The Best Prime Minister.

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one the most dynamic leaders in the world. He has taken the oath of making our country “Golden Bird” again. He has taken many bold decisions that shocked everybody in the world. But all those decisions will benefit us in the future. Prime minister Narendra Modi has a very clear vision for the betterment of our country. He has taken many steps that will take India forward in the future. We have seen many Prime Ministers, but Narendra Modi is very different in every sense. None of the Prime Minister of India has ever gained this much love and support and love from the people of India. All the good work that Narendra Modi did as the chief Minister of Gujarat has made everybody to believe in him. Narendra Modi has become a global leader and all world is praising his work for India.

Let’s have a look at some of the qualities of Pm Modi that makes him great leader of India:

Leadership Quality

He has shown great leadership qualities from the time he became the Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi’s journey from a chai wala at Gujarat platform to become the Prime Minister of India is truly remarkable. He always says that he is not a Prime Minister but is the “Pradhan Sevak”. He always believes in doing the work rather than saying, this quality differentiates him from other political leaders.

Public Speaking Skills

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has great speaking skills. If someone is going by and there is a speech of narendra Modi telecasting on the television, then he will surely stop there to listen it. Prime minister Narendra Modi has something in his voice that even his enemies admits that they can’t miss his speeches. There is a great attraction in his voice which can not be resisted. Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes from a poor background that enables him to address the crowd in a manner that everybody understands. He can easily go in the depth of every issue very easily because he had gone through all these issues in his life which gives him better understanding.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes from RSS background, so he has all the discipline and ethics that has supreme respect for the mother country India. Prime Minister Modi always directs all his ministers to follow and maintain disciples in everything they do. Modi is very famous for his kind behavior and respecting the deeds of every citizen of our country. He always works for the common goal that is welfare of the country.

Technology Lover

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a great technology lover. He always try to learn every new technology that is brought up to him. He has a broad vision to make India digital in the upcoming years, so he is working very hard for it. HE is very active at social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter etc. Narendra Modi also introduced projects like digital India to help Indian citizens to move forward in this new era of technology. He wants every Indian citizen to become aware of every new technology.

Patience and Determination

Prime Minister Narendra is surely the best Prime Minister of India. He is working continuously for the welfare of our country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working 18 hours a day and he did not take any leave since he joined the Prime Minister office. Narendra Modi is the most dynamic leader our country has ever produced. The whole world is looking at India as a superpower in the upcoming years in the leadership of Narendra Modi.

India is lucky to have a Prime Minister like Narendra Modi.

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