Ranking All The Mikaelsons In The Vampire Diaries Universe

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The show revolves around the Mikaelson family which is a very powerful family whose bloodline dates back to the 10th century starting with Mikael and Esther. Esther was a witch and Mikael a rich landowner. Back in 11th century, when their youngest child Henrik died due to a werewolf attack. This is when Esther used her skills and magic as a witch to transform all her living kids into the world’s first vampires who came to be known as the Originals. From these Mikaelsons, all the vampires in the world are descended.

This list will contain spoilers so you have been warned. And we will feature only the blood related members on the list so no Marcel or Hayley. Henrik has been excluded from the list because he wasn’t an Original.

So Take A Look At The Ranking Of All The Mikaelsons Ranked In The Vampire Diaries Universe

9. Esther

Ranking All The Mikaelsons In The Vampire Diaries Universe
The CW

One of the most powerful witches to ever have existed. Esther is the creator of the Original vampires which destroyed the natural order of the universe. She was killed by Klaus, but is brought back to life in 21st century. Esther then decides to kill all her children because she sees them as abominations. Esther is extremely powerful as she could bring the dead back to life as she did with Kol and Finn. She even created an Enhanced Original Vampire channeling the hatred of Alaric and using the Immortality spell.

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8. Finn

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Finn was too naive and extremely loyal. This is the reason why he believed her mother’s twisted intentions and became ready to sacrifice himself to kill his siblings. His love is very powerful. He doesn’t fear death and would go to any extent to fight his enemies, even sacrifice his life. When he teams up with Elijah to rescue Freya from Lucien Castle, he attacks Lucien in order to save his brother. Lucien turned into a beast and bit him. He dies while being surrounded by all his siblings. Finn redeemed himself in the end. Compared to other Originals, his powers and abilities are inferior, but his love makes him very powerful. The reason he’s weaker compared to other Originals is because he was daggered for so long.


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