Ranking The 10 Best Characters Of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!

5. Teeka Ram and Malkhan

They both are dim wit and unemployed, and would always try to woo girls, but would fail badly. They often try to make quick money through odd jobs such as doing fraud, dressing up, kidnapping, and selling stolen items, but are often thrashed in the end. Teeka and Malkhan both live together in a rented place and have been kicked out several times by their landlord for not paying rent and for flirting with his daughter.

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4. Manmohan Tiwari

He has a successful business of undergarments, and is attracted towards Anita. Vibhuti calls him Kaccha-Baniyaan because of the nature of his business which Vibhuti finds disgusting. Tiwari often comes up with various plans and schemes to impress Anita, but ends up failing in his quest. Manmohan Tiwari even though is a rich businessman, but he could be really petty. He is very cunning and always tries to manipulate situations to benefit him.

3. Vibhuti Mishra

Vibhuti is known by the name ‘Nalla’ among the residents of Modern Colony for his unemployment. Despite being highly educated and intelligent, he prefers not doing a regular job because he considers it beneath his ego. He is a house husband who does the daily chores such as cooking food, cleaning house, washing clothes, and buying groceries. He is attracted to Angoori and always tries to win her love, and he hates Tiwari because he thinks Tiwari doesn’t deserve Angoori. Vibhuti often comes up with odd schemes and jobs to earn money and would play different characters in his act.

2. Anokhelal Saxena

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain is full of craz and hilarious characters. Speaking of crazy, the character that comes to mind is Anokhelal Saxena who is popularly known among the Modern Colony residents as Saxena Ji. He is an extremely talented and genius intellect but totally crazy guy who has an obsession of electrocuting himself. He enjoys being tortured, getting beat up, and would eat poisonous and dangerous stuff like a lizard soup, a tea made up of cockroaches. It’s never explained the reason why he went completely bonkers. Saxena is a man of many talents, over the course of show, we have seen him taking up the roles of a RJ, a writer, a lawyer, an actor, and a lot more. His signature catchphrase is ‘I like it‘ to express his joy of craziness.

1. Happu Singh

Ranking The 10 Best Characters Of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!

Perhaps one of the most popular and hilarious characters on Bhabiji Ghar Pe Hain is Daroga Happu Singh, the character is portrayed by Yogesh Tripati who has done an amazing job. Happu Singh is a corrupt police inspector who has a secret crush on Anita Mishra who she refers as ‘Gori Mam’. Daroga Happu Singh is notorious for demanding bribes in exchanging for providing favors to the residents of the Kanpur. He calls his bribe as ‘Nyocchaavar’ which he demands to feed his large family of nine kids and a pregnant wife. He doesn’t do his job faithfully and most of time could be seen slackering around and would spend most of his time sitting at the tea stall. Happu Singh is pretty short tempered and would often smack Tika, Tillu, and Malkhan for their antics.

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