Ranking The 6 Most Powerful Vampires In The TVD Universe


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Due to Esther’s spell, the powers and abilities of an Enhanced Original was on par with an Original Vampire. The only difference being that the White Oak Stake cannot kill an Enhanced Original. We have seen Alaric overpowering an Original Vampire and even the Original Hybrid Klaus. He took down Damon, Stefan, and Rebekah at once. Alaric even managed to throw around Klaus. He was also faster than the Originals while similar to the speed of Original Hybrid. What makes Enhanced Alaric more power than Klaus was him being devoid of any sort of humanity as he was driven by pure darkness which was hell bent on eradicating the vampires.


The CW

Even when he was an Ordinary vampire, he managed to hold his ground with Klaus. His strength came from his military background. In Season 3, Marcel managed to take on Mohinder, an ancient vampire while having werewolf venom in him. After becoming an Upgraded Original Vampire, his strength was amplified, he became powerful than the Originals. He managed to take on Klaus, Elijah, and Kol at once while giving a bite to the latter two. Five years later when Mikaelsons returned to take back Klaus, Marcel easily threw around Elijah without a care. He took out the Papa Tunde’s blade easily. Marcel could even compel an Original as he compelled Elijah to forget about his vow.


The CW

Lucien is the first vampire ever sired by the Klaus Mikaelson. He was extremely intelligent and charming, he used his talents to lead a successful life. He knew his limitations and always made the decisions based on preserving his life. Lucifer was cruel and sadistic especially when he wants something. As an Upgraded Original Vampire, he was hostile and didn’t care any consequences of his actions. He became much more powerful than the Originals and the ancient vampires. Lucien easily defeated them in the combat, his bite with the werewolf was lethal enough that it killed an Original Vampire. Being a 900-year old vampire coupled with the Upgraded Original serum, it made him the most powerful vampire in the TVD Universe.

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