Ranking The 6 Most Powerful Werewolves In The TVD Universe

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While The Vampire Diaries placed more emphasis on the vampires and witches, it was the Originals which did justice to the werewolf species. Werewolves are a species of the shapeshifting creatures who can both willingly and unwillingly transform them into large scary wolves. The werewolves were born as a result of a curse that was cast down upon the tribes by a witch named Inadu who was hunted by the wolves on the command of the tribe members.

Ranking The 6 Most Powerful Werewolves In The TVD Universe
The CW

Since then, the curse has been passed to the descendants of the tribe packs. A werewolf might not be equal to vampires in terms of strength, but they are the extremely dangerous to the vampires due to their lethal bites which can kill a vampire if a cure is not given on time. When a werewolf becomes an evolved werewolf, it doesn’t need to transform on a full moon into the beast form. Also, if it wears a moonlight ring then it can control its transformation.

So Take A Look At Ranking The 6 Most Powerful Werewolves In The TVD Universe


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In Season 2, Aiden appeared who was doing the bidding of Finn and Esther, leading werewolves for them. But he would join Hayley and betray Esther. Aiden was fearless enough to threaten Marcel and bite one of his vampires in front of him. We have seen him equally matching Jackson in strength when they were training. As an evolved werewolf his speed increased and he became quite agile, strong, and durable. We have seen him utilize his lethal werewolf bite on several occasions. He also became immune to the silver weapons which could harm and weaken a normal werewolf.

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The CW

After becoming the first non-original vampire-werewolf hybrid, he became more powerful than the ordinary vampires. He gave Damon Salvatore a bite which could have killed him if it weren’t for the Klaus’ blood which saved his life. We have seen him take on Stefan and Caroline at once while his body was possessed by Julian. Tyler managed to hold his ground against a 500-year old vampire Nadia and gave her a bite which killed her. But his strongest feat was facing Klaus and matching his strength. He was quick enough to surprise the Original Hybrid and staked him from behind.


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