Real Life Friendships Of The Cast From Supernatural


Welcome back to Humor Nation. When you are a part of a show such as Supernatural which created a community, a fan culture unlike any other show. The show consists of a wonderful cast who takes great pride in calling themselves a family. The actors of this show share a great intimate bond which extends beyond the screen, it’s their lovely friendships which creates touching moments. Every fan convention becomes memorable for the amazing time the fans get to experience with the cast members who are incredibly entertaining. Even though nearly every cast member shares a warm and compassionate relationship with other actor, but some actors are besties.

So Take A Look At Real Life Friendships Of The Cast From Supernatural


5 Real Life Friendships Of The Cast From Supernatural

Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. are besties. In 2013, when Rob Benedict who played Chuck in SPN Universe suffered a stroke while attending a fan convention. His friend Richard Speight Jr. who is best known for his role of archangel Gabriel in SPN was present at the convention and helped in taking Rob to the hospital where he was treated. Rob’s life was saved due to timely rescue, the doctors revealed that if Rob was any hours late to seek the medical help then it could have been disastrous. Both Richard and Rob also started a podcast together in which they would share the unknown behind-the-scenes stories and moments that fans never know about. They would also explore the mythology and legends of the show. The Podcast is titled ‘Supernatural: Then & Now’ and it would feature special guests from SPN. This is a must follow podcast for every SPN fan who is obsessed with the show and still feel like they need to consume more information related to the show.

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5 Real Life Friendships Of The Cast From Supernatural
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Castiel and Meg is one of the most shipped couples in the SPN Fandom. Both Misha Collins & Rachel Miner brought a unique chemistry and made every scene extremely entertaining. Misha Collins while wishing Rachel a happy birthday said how she is one of the most hardworking and kindest person that he knows. He said that Rachel makes the world a better place with her presence. Rachel played the role of demon Meg in the SPN Universe who develops a soft corner for Castiel and eventually sacrifices herself to help the boys. Her character was written off because Rachel asked for it, she struggled after her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Rachel Miner is the executive director of the non-profit organization called ‘Random Acts’ which has been founded by Misha Collins.


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