Real Life Vampire Diaries Cast Couples Who Have Separated

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Finding the right person in your life can be really challenging at times. For some people, it takes years to discover the right partner. Some are lucky enough to find the right person at the right time. At times, it feels like you have met the right match and this relationship is going to last forever. It feels like a match created in heaven. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes two people just cannot work out a relationship regardless of how good understanding or bonding they have. There’s no exception to this uncertainty, even celebrities and popular figures also experience break-ups and splits. For the fans of the Vampire Diaries who have been not only following the show, but also the personal lives of the cast members, they are well aware of all the relationships and break-ups involving their favorite stars.

So Take A Look At Real Life Vampire Diaries Couples Who Have Separated 


Real Life Vampire Diaries Couples Who Have Separated
The CW

The relationship between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder lasted for three years. Their relationship started when both of the actors were working together on the Vampire Diaries in 2010. They portrayed the characters of Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore who also eventually fall in love with each other. Their on-screen was so mesmerizing that the couple numerous awards. But a big shocker came to all the fans when the duo announced their separation in 2013. It’s still unknown what was the main reason of their separation. Several reports began circulating on the internet that it was the age difference, another one speculated that it was the marriage commitment thing, but all these reports were nothing more than just rumors. Despite their breakup, both the actors have remained closed friends and like professionals, they kept working together effortlessly.


Real Life Vampire Diaries Couples Who Have Separated
The CW

Many fans don’t know, but Zach Roerig who played Matt Donovan dated Nathalie Kelly who appeared as Sibyl. Their relationship began when they started dating together in 2016. Even though they didn’t share any scenes together, but their bonding happened instantly. Nathalie shared the pictures of the couple together on her social media. She also talked about how Zach has so supportive and helped her greatly in her career. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last long and the split happened by late 2017. Nathalie would go on to date and marry Jordy Burrows while Zach would remain single following their breakup.


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