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Cartoon characters voice
Real voices behind cartoon characters

We have watched many cartoons on television in our childhood. Cartoons are one of the main sources of entertainment of children. Cartoons are the fictional characters which are created by imagination. We have grown up watching many cartoons like Shinchan, Doraemon, they made us laugh, they cheered us up. We would wait all day for them and when it was their airing time, we would sit in front of the television screen and forget everything. But have you wondered who was behind the famous one-liners of Shinchan or the voice behind the wisdom of Doraemon? Most of us don’t even know about the identity of the voices behind our favorite cartoon characters.

So today we are putting in front of you the list of famous cartoon characters and their real voices. From Akansha Sharma as Shinchan to Saurabh as Oggy! I am sure you’ll definitely be surprised after reading this article.  So keep scrolling below to be amazed by the talent of these wonderful artists. If you enjoy our article, please share it with everyone. Everyone must know about the amazing voice skills of these extremely talented artists and must appreciate them for making our childhood awesome. So here we are presenting to you the real voices behind the popular cartoon characters like Shinchan, Doraemon, Nobita, Oggy and a lot more.

So without further much ado let’s have a look at the real voices behind these cartoon characters:

1. Shin-Chan

The voice behind the amazing character  of six years old “Shin-Chan” is Akansha Sharma. Shin Chan is knowing for causing great chaos and wreaking a havoc around him. This little boy with his silly antics, naughty nature creates a great deal of problems for his family, friends, and school teachers. Who would have thought that a beautiful girl would be the voice behind the adorable yet naughty Shin-Chan Nohara. Before Akansha, Akash Ahuja was the voice of Shin Chan, but he left the show. Meghana Erande voiced the character after Akashy left Shin-Chan.

2. Oggy And The Cockroaches

The voice behind the popular funny show “Oggy And The Cockroaches” is Sourav Chakraborty. Sourav is a stand-up comedian and he is the voice behind many famous hindi dubbed cartoons like Shaun The Sheep, Motu Patlu, and the most entertaining Oggy and Cockroaches. Nearly all the characters of Oggy are dubbed by Saurav.

3. Doraemon

The voice behind Nobita’s character from Doraemon is Simran Kaur. Before Simran, Akash Ahuja was the first voice of Nobita.

While Sonal Kaushal is the real voice behind the gadget guru Doraemon. Sonal Kaushal has dubbed for many famous cartoons like The Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy, Pokemon (she was the second voice of Pikachu). She is also the voice behind Musae Koyama of Shin-Chan and Chhota Bheem. I bet you didn’t know that!

Parul Bhatnagar is behind the beautiful voice of Shizuka from Doraemon. Watch the video at 1:30

The other characters of show are Gian, Suneo. Deepansh Kakkar is the voice of Gian and Wajahat Hasan is the real voice behind Suneo.

4. Ninja Hatodi, Bob The Builder & Noddy

The real voice behind famous cartoon characters like Noddy, Ninja Hatodi is Meghana Erande. She is one of the most famous Indian voice artists. Meghana Erande has voiced many animated characters in her career. She started her career by dubbing Pamela Anderson’s role as C. J. Parker of Baywatch in Hindi. She has given her voice to famous cartoon characters like Dee Dee of Dexter’s Laboratory, Noddy of Make Way For Noddy, Dizzy of Bob The Builder, and Shinnosuke Nohara commonly known as Shin-Chan of Crazyon Shin-Chan.

If you don’t believe us then take a look at this video! Yes these people do the voices of your favorite cartoons.

So these are the amazing people who made our childhood great. Feel free to share your views and opinions with us by commenting below the article. Also if you enjoyed the article then please share it with your friends.

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