Reason Why Supernatural’s Crowley Left the Show on Bad Terms

Welcome back to Humor Nation. One of the most fan-favorite characters on the show Supernatural is Crowley. The character of the demon Crowley was played brilliantly by the talented Mark A. Sheppard. The character was first introduced midway through season 5 and he departed in the finale of season 12. Even though the character appeared in a recurring role ever since its debut, but due to the popularity the character received from the audiences, Crowley was promoted to be a regular in season 10. Supernatural has one of the most passionate and loyal fanbases in the history of pop culture. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that anyone who has made their mark on “Supernatural’ has very likely ‘made’ in the eyes of the fanbase for the rest of their career despite the time they were on the show.

Mark A. Sheppard Crowley

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When you’re dead in Supernatural, you aren’t really dead. Supernatural has a tradition of bringing back the characters from the dead. But that hasn’t been the case with Mark A. Sheppard’s character Crowley. In Season 12 finale, Crowley met his death by sacrificing himself in order to trap the big bad Lucifer inside the Apocalypse World. The show is currently in its 15 season which is also the final season of the series. So far it looks like neither Mark Sheppard nor Crowley will make his return before the Winchesters ride off into the sunset.

The actor Mark A. Sheppard who played Crowley wasn’t a fan of the way how he departed from the Supernatural series.

Soon after Crowley exited the show, there was a provocative exchange on Twitter where Supernatural’s executive producer Jim Michaels hinted that Mark Sheppard might not be done with the show. Mark responded by accusing Jim of misleading the fans and stated clearly that there were no plans for the actor to return to the show. Many fans started wondering what led to this bad blood.




Mark also revealed during a different convention appearance in 2018 that it wasn’t the one who made the decision to kill off the character of Crowley. He actually didn’t want to leave the show. Now it looks like the show will end without a reunion between the boys and the King of Hell.

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  1. maybe it is true I don’t know. About trying to get rid of Mark for 2 years. The only thing I disagree with is the way he died saving the boys. I thought that was fantastic. But also believed that he would come back.


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