Reasons Why Caroline Forbes Is The Best Thing About TVD

Welcome to Humor Nation. Daughter of the sheriff Elizabeth Forbes and William Forbes II, Caroline is also the wife of Stefan Salvatore, ad the surrogate mother of Jose and Lizzie Saltzman. Before she transformed into a vampire, as a human she was known for her insecurities which caused her to become very competitive especially with Elena. Even though she always had a close bond with Elena and Bonnie. After she became a vampire, she became best friends with Stefan who also became her mentor. Caroline is also close friends with Niklaus Mikaelson and Matt Donovan who was her ex.

Reasons Why Caroline Forbes Is The Best Thing About TVD

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As a human, she was one of the popular girls at school and Caroline was the captain of the school’s cheerleading squad, she also displayed her leadership quality among her friends. Just like her mother Elizabeth, she is quite determined and strong. Also when it comes to friends, she is very loyal and protective of them. Caroline has a loving and sensitive nature. Despite having all such positive qualities, deep down she is neurotic and insecure.

She often felt that she was in Elena’s shadow when it comes to life. When she started dating Matt Donovan, she overcame her insecurities and gained confidence.

So Let’s Take A Look At Reasons Why Caroline Forbes Is The Best Thing About TVD

So what are your thoughts on Caroline? Also, we want to know who’s your favorite character in the Vampire Diaries Universe?
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