Reasons Why Demise Of These Supernatural Characters Happened

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Lots of people mistakenly believe that Supernatural is one show where death is meaningless because every character who meets their demise is bound to return one way or the other. But this couldn’t be any further from the truth. The show has written off numerous characters over the course of its 15 seasons. Some of such characters never made it back to the screen. But some characters found a way to make their presence felt. Apart from the Winchesters, the show has introduced several different supporting characters who in a brief period of time mesmerized the viewers and became favorites. But why did the show runners write off these characters?

So Take A Look At Reasons Why Demise Of These Supernatural Characters Happened


Reasons Why Demise Of These Supernatural Characters Happened
The CW

Meg Masters started off as an antagonist, a loyal follower of the Lucifer and works towards his escape from the cage. She would become a natural enemy of the boys and caused them plenty of troubles. After Lucifer’s return to the captivity, Meg becomes vengeful towards Crowley who seized the opportunity and became the new King. In doing so, Meg becomes an enemy of Crowley, and she eventually ends up forming an alliance with the Winchesters for a common goal. She would met her demise at the hands of Crowley when she sacrifices herself to save the boys. Rachel Miner who played the role of Meg asked the writers to write off her character due to her health struggles. She would eventually return in Season 15 to make a guest appearance.


Reasons Why Demise Of These Supernatural Characters Happened
The CW

Jo and Ellen were introduced in Season 2 of the Supernatural in order to add mother-daughter relationship dynamic to the show, a contrast to the John-Sam (or Dean) relationship. Originally the writers planned to have Jo as a long term recurring character, but her character received backlash due to being too naive. The writers wanted to make this girl next door a love interest of Dean, but she came off as a younger innocent sister. The poor reception that the character received from the fans became the main reason for Jo Harvelle’s exit. Interestingly Jo was severely injured by the hellhounds in a similar fashion to her father who became a victim of the hellhounds due to his association with the Winchesters. Ellen’s character also met her demise alongside Jo in a heartbreaking manner.


Reasons Why Demise Of These Supernatural Characters Happened
The CW

Funny how Bobby Singer was supposed to make only a single appearance and was introduced because the actress who played Missouri Moseley was unavailable to shoot. But his character connected with the fans and this caused the writers to keep him around. Soon, he became an integral part of the show. However, Bobby Singer met his demise in Supernatural Season 7 after he got hit by a bullet fired by the Leviathan Roman. The actor Jim Beaver who played Bobby Singer talked about his character’s demise. He revealed that he personally didn’t like the decision, but explained how it was the right thing to do. His character’s demise was a mark of a dramatic shift in the show. Telling the viewers that the show is going in a different direction. There will be conflicts and problems, things are about to get serious. This is a part of the progression of the show and storylines. Even though Bobby met his demise, but his character would make several appearances.

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Bela Talbot made her debut in the third season of the Supernatural. She is the second lead female character after the demon Ruby. Bela was written in such a way that she came off as an antagonist. Lauren Cohan played the part to the perfection. The problem with the character was the way she was written. Eric Kripke wanted Bela to be added to the storylines in small parts, The show was always supposed to be centered around the Winchesters. But the writers injected Bela’s character in such a manner than the Winchesters felt secondary characters and the way Bela would easily best them always. It also became difficult to come up with rational reasons as to how Bela would reappear in a storyline out of nowhere. Bela became too antagonistic that any plan of the writers to make Bela and Winchesters team up, work together was gone for good. Therefore they eventually decided to write off her character in a meaningful way which garnered her plenty of sympathy.


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