Reasons Why Demise Of These Supernatural Characters Happened


The CW

Crowley started off as a minor character, but soon was promoted to a supporting and main character. He switched from being an antagonist to a supporting protagonist. Crowley has not only fought the Winchesters, but also helped them numerous times. He even sacrificed himself to help the boys. But why did the showrunners write off his character? His character slowly grew on the fans, his dynamic with Dean was hilarious. So everyone was surprised when his unexpected demise came in Season 12 finale. Lots of rumors started flowing on the internet, and with Mark Sheppard’s reply to Jim Michaels on Twitter, it became pretty evident that he has no intention of returning back on the show ever. Some say due to a conflict with the writers, Mark was driven to exit. While some believe his arc reached its ultimate end, there wasn’t anything left for him. Even the actor Mark Sheppard felt that his character was under utilized in Season 12, the writers had no plans for him. But Mark was displeased with the way his character was written off, and how his character was denied using a line in his final moments.


The CW

The demise of Charlie Bradbury caused a massive amount of backlash among the Supernatural fans. Undoubtedly, the character of Charlie that was portrayed by Felicia Day was extremely popular with the fans. Her demise shocked the fans who felt she was a victim of the bad writing. Some feel that Charlie’s demise served as a catalyst for the character of Dean going down the dark path and embracing the violent tendencies of Mark of Cain. This would progress the story further and start a chain of events. Dean becoming dark and violent, Sam with help managing to remove the mark which unleashes the darkness who was held in captivity. Good thing that happened is the show managed to bring back Felicia Day as an alternate Universe Charlie in the Season 13.

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