10 Reasons Why NRI Do Not Return Back To India!

Hey people! Welcome back to Humor Nation. India is our own nation. Every individual is proud to be an India. Then, have you ever wondered, why when someone leaves India, they never tend to return back? So why do these NRI people don’t return back? There are many reasons, not one. Here are the list of those reasons.

So Let’s Take A Look At Why 10 Reasons Why NRI Do Not Return to India!

1. In India, people tend to extract more labour and pay absolutely less amount to people. To escape this tendency, people love to reside outside India. In other countries, all labours are equal and they are equally appreciated and valued.

2. While Indian parents pester their kids to either be an engineer or doctor, other countries offer a huge diversity in career opportunities. There are so many ways to get a successful career in foreign countries and each kind of job is appreciated and dignified.

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3. In India, the capital Delhi’s air is so polluted that inhaling it even for 1 min is toxic. Also, places in India are never kept clean. On the other hand foreign countries provide a cleaner safer environment.

4. India is dominantly a country owned and maintained by the rich. It is biased towards the rich and powerful people. Whereas, in foreign countries medical facilities and other amenities are provided to all and they are accessed equally by all.

5. Each and every person is valued. Humans have certain rights and they are free to access those rights in a righteous manner, with full support of the government. 


6. Foreign culture is a more specific and cleaner culture. They provides a better standard of living to all people.

7. In India, politics and corruption goes hand in hand. Seldom there are some politicians who are by any means, not corrupted. On the other hand, Foreign governments are corruption free and people friendly.

8. In India, high qualified persons are not treated as they should be. There talents and degrees gets wasted. Whereas, in other countries, qualifications, and talents are paid equally.

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9. In other countries, government not only speaks about development. They keep their promises. Strict rules are made and obeyed. every person is loyal to government because the government is loyal to people.

10 Reasons Why NRI Do Not Return to India!

10. Most important factor is money. As every degree and education qualification matters, they are paid equally with dignified amount. Who would want to leave such places, which accepts and appreciates their skills and talents.

10 Reasons Why NRI Do Not Return to India!

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