5 Reasons Why Originals Is Better Than The Vampire Diaries


5 Reasons Why Originals Is Better Than The Vampire Diaries
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One of the major criticisms about TVD is that it was too teen-centric, while their main audience base was teenagers, and the show became a hit with them. But with more adult audiences, the show struggled to keep their attention captivated. TVD had certain limitations in terms of storylines, dialogues, and scenes that wouldn’t make much sense when your main characters are ‘teenagers”. But with Originals, you have Vampires who are nearly a thousand-year-old. Therefore it’s sensible that the storylines involving them are mature and realistic. These characters do not have to worry about passing the exams or spending time together at a sleepover. It deals with greater themes of meaning in life, family, and marriage.

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The CW

Every show is incomplete without an antagonist, it’s a villain that pushes the lead character to the extremes, and in that adversity, the character becomes the ‘hero’. A problem with Vampire Diaries is its ridiculous plot armor. Even though the show had introduced menacing and terrifying villains throughout its eight seasons; from the Mikaelsons, and Silas to Cade, but the fact that the Mystic Falls Gang always managed to overcome all the odds, and defeat the villains in a ‘Hollywood’ fashion. But the Originals didn’t suffer from this issue, despite the fact that its leading characters are invincible vampires who cannot be defeated easily, the show managed to introduce convincing villains. Some of them were no match for the Originals in terms of strength and power but still outsmarted the Mikaelsons. The Trinity, Marcel, The Strix, all got the best of the Mikaelsons at times. The show explored its lore, and introduced arguably the most powerful TVD Universe characters such as Dahlia, and Hollow. The Mikaelsons got beat, they had to endure defeat, and there was no deus ex machina that saved them. Hollow forced the Mikaelsons to be separated. In the end, it even claimed the lives of Elijah and Klaus (in a way).


The CW

The show is dark and gritty. Not only are the storylines and plot captivating, but the acting is also pretty convincing. The show featured skilled actors who played their parts effortlessly. The story takes place in the city of New Orleans, a city that has a cultural significance and a history of legends associated with it. The new additions such as Marcel, and Freya are very well-developed. They steal the show in certain scenes. Their dynamic with Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and others really drives the plot further and helps in bringing out the various aspects of the characters. The continuous struggle for power between different Supernatural factions is relevant throughout all the seasons. No matter what is the main plot of the season, the politics and dynamic between the Supernatural factions is pretty fascinating. It’s not Vampires Vs Werewolves, but witches and different groups of vampires who are plotting against the Mikaelsons.

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