Representation Of Our Beautiful Memories – Photo Frames

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Ever thought what significance do the picture frames, photo frames have in our life? I guess not. The reason being the digital age – The age of smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, and whatnot. Along with time, the things that we use around us are getting smarter and smarter and we keep getting dumber with this modernization in our lives. So let us know what are the different types of photo frames and how we decorate with them.

Representation Of Our Beautiful Memories - Photo Frames

Ever thought what is like to see the photo frame of your loved ones when you are missing them badly, in your worst mood when you want to shed some tears on a picture frame missing that person in your life today, being far apart. You know what, you can’t! This is because your smart gadgets cannot withhold your emotions, your tears. They will get water damage which would be worse in that mood. You do not realize but the photos, videos, video calling or facetime on this electronic equipment are not and never can be the alternative for the emotions and feelings that the photo frames and that good old photo album have.

Representation Of Our Beautiful Memories - Photo Frames

Remember how the first steps of your childhood, the first time you cried and the first time you celebrated your birthday were beautifully captured by your parents in the reeled cameras? The 48-megapixel cameras (of today) cannot replace that love of those old moments at any cost. The wait after the photos that were clicked and sent for them to print on an album or a big photo frame cannot be put into words and sharing on Instagram.

Watching yourself on the picture frame while you were growing up, I bet you didn’t realize what significance it had for your family watching you change every day and then reminding you how crazy you were and what mischievous things you did while you were mere 1 or 2 years old, their good old child sleeping their lap while they were the happiest they could ever be. These discussions of the past and the nostalgia for the memories are worth and for this, these picture frames and photographs should be given all the credit.

Not only these photo frames play a big role in our family and our home, but also our love life. The time after you leave your home for studies and before you get all settled and married, there is a time in life when many find their love interest. This is the moment of life when everything turns rosy and life goes through a lot and this is where these photos and frames show your love towards your partner. The gifts that stay with you for the majority of your life are these physical photos and photo frames.

Other than reminding us of our memories, bonding us with our family and our loved ones, these photo frames can also be used in our home to show our love for art, our favorite Bollywood actor/actresses, or our favourite bike/car or even a scenic view you could die for. Do you know that the posters, photo frames and the spot you use for these play a huge role in defining your status symbol, your emotions with real-life things and the thoughts you share?

There are multiple ways to choose the picture-perfect photo frame for your bedroom, the drawing-room, the study area and the hall you pass through and the more you give proper thought and planning while selecting, the better choice you will come up with. Which in turn will decide the Ambiance of your house?

Also, there are some important points you need to consider before picking up your next photo-frame for your house:

1. Find the perfect photo or art that you wish to go with, finalize it and move to the next step.

2. Pick the desired spot you would like to see it hanging which will actually be a good mood-maker.

3. Choose the desired frame. Do you like it all flashy? or would you like it a bit classy and plain?

4. Finally, do not forget the background you are putting your photo frame on. Design it accordingly.

And you are good to go. The picture-perfect mood-setter picture frame is ready!

Hello there. This is Aakash Rai, pursuing bachelors in Computer science and a final year student. I am a tech enthusiast by choice and writing is one of my many hobbies. I love to travel and explore new places along with clicking great pictures. Wanna know more about me? Hit me up on my social media handles.


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