Top 10 Richest Female Prostitutes In The World

Welcome to Humor Nation. No business is a small business and the prostitution business is definitely not a small business. Who says only white collar businessmen can play in millions and billions? Well, let me throw some light on some of the world’s richest prostitutes, figures which will blow your mind!

So here’s a list of top 10 richest female prostitutes in the world and we’re talking big numbers!

10. Zahia Dehar

With a charge of Rs 80,000 per night, Zahia Dehar enters the list at the tenth position. The rumors have it that she has looks so unreal that she carries the tag of being replica of a barbie doll.

9. Loredana Jolie

Loredana Jolie charges a whooping Rs.1.30 lac per night and what’s more shocking is that she has also claimed that she was paid 9.80 lac at one time from sleeping with some men.

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8. Just Kassandra

Just Kassandra only does business with the clients she like. She prefers to meet them individually and then decide her rates which go up to Rs 2 lac per night.

7. Ashley Dupre (Kristen)

Having had affairs with Attorney General and the Governor of New York, Kristen charges Rs 2.90 lac per night. However, the gentlemen mentioned before had a deal of Rs 52 lac with her.

6. Ms Maya Blue

Having her own website mentioning her schedule and prices, Ms Maya Blue charges up to Rs 3 lac per night for her clients.

5. Ava X’ian

Ava Xi’an is an escort who is a victim of the sad stories, she used to charge Rs. 4.40 lac per night in order to have her father’s surgery done.

4. Alina Percea

Alina Percea is a 18 year old prostitute who was auctioned in Romania and charges up to Rs 6 lac for one night.

3. Natalie MecLennan

Busted with a serious charge in the ring of prostitution in case of money laundering, Natalie’s rates shoot up to Rs 10.8 lac per night. She is amongst the top three richest prostitutes in the world.

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2. Lauren Bushnell

By using special chat rooms and forums to meet her clients, Lauren charges around Rs 16.3 lac for one night securing the second position in the list.

1. Cannes Film Festival

Top 10 Richest Female Prostitutes In The World

Topping the list of  the richest prostitutes in the world is the Cannes Film Festival charging around Rs 27 lac for one night. Prostitutes from all parts of south of France, Spain, and Italy gather in this festival.

Well, I did expect some big numbers but these numbers kind of left my eyes wide open! Comment and let us know your views about these mind boggling figures!
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