10 Richest Male Adult Stars In The World

Hello there! Hey guys, welcome back to Humor Nation. Adult industry is one of the most financially successful and profitable business in the world. Around 11,000 DVD titles are released every year which are sold through DVD, on-demand television or internet. I am sure you might have wondered at some point while watching some adult entertainment, saying these guys are doing every man’s dream job and are getting paid for it.But how much does an adult star makes for his performance in front of the camera? Any idea or wild guess?

Well according to Ron Jeremy (He’s on the list), a woman performer can earn somewhere between $100k-$250k in a year while the male adult performers make around $40k. And also note that these stars are not paid for the complete film or DVD, they are paid for each scene. It all comes down to their popularity, it decides how much they will be paid per scene. A girl gets paid around $500 to $1500 per scene whereas a guy gets around $300.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Richest Male Adult Stars In The World!

12. Danny made the right career choice.

10 Richest Male Adult Stars In The World

11. He is doing every man’s dream job.

10. He got the looks and is made for this profession.

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9. Woah impressive.

8. You sure you still wanna become a doctor or an engineer? This career option isn’t that bad, ask Shane.


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7. How long will it take you to earn $3 million?

6. The famous face on the Internet.

5. Look at that name.

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4. He’s a legend in the industry.

3. Another legend, his hard work finally paid off.

2. Peter is the second richest adult entertainer in the industry.

1. The richest adult star in the world.

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