Riverdale Quiz: Are You A Ghoulie, A Vixen, Or A Serpent?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Which group do you belong to? Are you a serpent or a ghoulie? Or perhaps a vixen? Serpents or the Southern Serpents, a gang of criminals who are dangerous and they live in the southern part of the Riverdale. That’s how they got their name. The group is led by FP Jones who is the father of Jughead Jones and Jellybean. The group can be often seen hanging out at the Whyte Wyrm.

Riverdale Quiz: Are You A Ghoulie, A Vixen, Or A Serpent?

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To become a member of the group, one must undergo a specific ceremony for initiation. First, you must feed the dog of Serpents. Then you must learn and remember all the laws of the Serpent group. The next stage involves getting a knife out of the cage of a Rattlesnake. And the finale and the toughest stage which is known as the gauntlet. The applicant is jumped on by the Serpent gang, he endures multiple punches and punishment.

Then comes another group which is known as the Ghoulies. This is the rival of Serpents. Their activities are dangerous which involve drugs and street racing. Their rivalry intensifies from the fact that both the groups share the same turf. Let’s come to the third group. The Vixens are the cheerleading group for the Riverdale High School. The group is led by Cheryl Blossom. Veronica Lodge was also the former leader of the group. All three groups have an important part to play in the storyline of the show.

So Let’s Take This Quiz And Find Out If You Are A Ghoulie, A Vixen, Or A Serpent?

Do you agree with the accept? Why do you think you belong to one of these groups? Do let us know your answer by commenting below the article.
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