Riverdale Quiz: How Well Do You Know Veronica Lodge?

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Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Riverdale is one of the best-rated teen shows on CW and it is based on the Archie comics but it shows the darker side to it. The characters of this show are the same as the comic books. The main characters of this show are Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, Cheryl, Reggie, and more. In the show, even the adult characters have quite an important role. Right now the show is running its fourth season.

Riverdale Quiz: How Well Do You Know Veronica Lodge?
The CW

How Well Do You Remember The First Season Of Riverdale?

But today we won’t just talk about the show, we’ll speak about a specific character today who adds her spice to the show, Veronica Cecilia Lodge. She came to the town of Riverdale with her mother from New York after her father Hiram Lodge got arrested. She has a fire in her spirit and is very confident and ambitious. Veronica first came across her friends in Pop’s diner and from then only viewers started loving her character. The one thing we love about her is that she always got others back and she always tries to be a better person. No matter how much trouble she or her friends get into, she always finds her way out no matter how dirty it gets.

Riverdale Quiz: How Well Do You Know Veronica Lodge?
The CW

Somewhere in the season, she started dating Reggie but she realized her love for Archie and came back to him. Other than these things she never spoilt her relation with anyone, not even with her father. Veronica and Hiram are competitive in nature but no matter how bitter things get between them, they do love each other more than anything. They both have the nature of winning and losing is something that drives them crazy.

But besides that let’s check how much you guys know about Veronica. So let’s test that by taking this quiz down below and know how well you follow this show and Veronica. So let’s get started!

Riverdale Quiz: How Well Do You Know Veronica Lodge?

If Veronica Lodge is your favorite character from Riverdale, then this quiz is just for you. Veronica is surely a fan favorite, but how many of you know her well and have paid attention to every detail about her? Take this quiz to test your knowledge about Veronica Lodge.

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Besides that her character is very cheerful, she adds life to the show. From the beginning, her chemistry with Archie Andrews is something the fans root for. These two love birds may have separated sometimes but they always found a way back to each other.

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