Riverdale Quiz: Which Family Would You Belong?

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The town of Riverdale has numerous families, while families in this town are not ordinary ones. Each family has couple of secrets which they conceal from everyone. Let’s start with one of the founding families of the town, the Blossom Family. They settled in Riverdale and started the Blossom Maple Farms. With the success of Maple Syrup business in the town, things were going pretty well until the two Blossom brothers started fighting against each other. This resulted in one brother killed the other. This resulted in one side of the family cutting all ties and taking up a new start as ‘Cooper’ Family. This separated family also concealed their all ties to the Blossoms and told their children that Blossom and Coopers are two different families with no history together.

Riverdale Quiz: Which Family Would You Belong?
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The history repeated itself again when Clifford Blossom killed his son Jason Blossom. The Blossom family has a history of taking the blood of their own. Finally Cheryl decided to start fresh and she burned the Thornhill to ashes. Speaking of the Cooper Family, they are the other half of the Blossom who changed their name and cut all their ties to their original family.

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Hal Cooper along with his Wife Alice Cooper has two daughters named Polly and Betty. Polly fell in love with Jason Blossom, the couple didn’t know that they were the third cousins. Polly got pregnant with Jason’s son. Polly’s father wanted to have her an abortion because he was aware of their families history, but Polly refused and she was sent to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. So if you could be in the world of Riverdale then which family would you like to be and why so?

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Which Family Would You Belong?

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