Running Is Considered As One Of The Best Cardio, But It Can Also Be Dangerous At The Same Time!

Running side effects
Today, everybody is health conscious and try to devote some time in taking care of themselves. Running is considered as the king of cardio. Running burns a lot of calories, it strengthens your heart functioning, tones the muscles of your lower body and somehow acts as moving meditation

In today’s stressful world, everybody is concerned about their health and they try to devote their time in looking after their health, taking care of themselves. Running is considered as the king of cardio. jogging burns a lot of calories, it also helps in strengthens your heart functioning, it makes you look shredded by toning the lower muscles of your body such as abs. Some people see running as a moving meditation. Basically running is having all the benefits for the health of our body, but too much running or running in improper form can eventually turn this healthy exercise into a negative thing for your body. Being aware of what the potential drawbacks of running are and learning how to mitigate them can keep you jogging and healthy.

Here are some things that you should know before running.

1. You can’t lose fat with running alone

Most of the people think that the more they’ll run, more will be the chances of losing fat or burning calories. jogging at a 6 mph pace burns approx. 372 calories in 30 minutes for a 155-pound person. Basically, jogging increases the appetite in the body which results in the intake of more and more calories, this eventually increases the calorie intake and surpasses the amount that you actually lost while running. Calories still count and running doesn’t make you resistant to weight-gain, especially if you eat those calories you burned while running, then it will increase the rate of storage of fat. Everything must be in a balance, if you overdo aerobic exercise, such as running, and if you neglect strength training such as lifting heavy weights, your body will become efficient at storing fat.

2. Running causes muscle loss

Long jogging sessions can cause a sudden shedding in the muscles. A study by French researchers published in a 2000 issue of the “Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness” determined that your body becomes resistant to muscle gain after a long period of stamina and endurance based jogging. This means you start producing higher amounts of the hormone called cortisol and experience drops in testosterone levels, this state causes your body to burn off muscle. The French researchers also found that immediately after an endurance run, your body becomes anabolic, this means that your body is in the position to build the muscles. You can counter running’s negative effects by taking advantage of this short opened anabolic window which opens after your hard jogging session. You can consume about 20 grams of protein which will help in building the muscles.

3. Serious injuries

About 40 to 50 percent of runners experience an injury on an annual basis. There are lots of things that a runner should keep in mind. There should be proper environment for jogging and always run on the soft surfaces as jogging on the hard surfaces like streets can actually cause serious knee injuries. jogging shoes also has a great importance. So the jogging should keep all these things in mind while jogging.

4. Affects your heart

The process of building stamina and endurance is not a one day thing. It take months of practice to get into the routine of jogging at a fast pace. If you will start running hard and vigorously from day1 onwards, then it can have negative effect on the health of your heart. Your heart rate can become unstable and you may face severe problems. So, always keep in mind that you should slowly increase the level and should try to adopt any hard and fast method.

5. Cramps in muscles

jogging in a wrong way can cause stiffness and cramps in the leg muscles. It’s very important to have the knowledge of every aspect of jogging. In order to avoid the risk of cramps in the leg muscles there should proper warm up before the start of any running session. And it’s equally important to have a stretching session after the completion of each running session. So thinking about this the next time you run.

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