Sabrina Quiz: Are You Aunt Hilda Or Aunt Zelda?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Both sisters have different personalities. While Hilda Spellman is sweet, motherly, kind and she has an empathetic attitude. Whereas Zelda Spellman is proud and stern. She is harsher and stricter of the Spellman sisters. She raised Sabrina through toughness and sternness. Zelda said that’s she has never known what love is, she believes that the greater honor is devoting oneself o the dark lord. Zelda is also very protective of Sabrina.

Sabrina Quiz: Are You Aunt Hilda Or Aunt Zelda?

How Well Do You Know The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina?

Hilda Spellman doesn’t totally agree with the methods of the Church of the Night while Zelda strictly follows the laws and rules of the church, but she can also break them for her family’s safety. Zelda might abuse Hilda at times, but she cares and genuinely loves her. One of the biggest fears of Zelda is losing Hilda.

While Hilda can be pretty vengeful when she really wants to be and one of her desires is to get revenge on her sister Zelda for the abuse which she inflicted on her. Compared to Zelda, Hilda Spellman is more affectionate to her niece Sabrina Spellman. While Zelda fashion styles reflect the fashion trend of old Hollywood. She’d be seen with her cigarette holder,w earing pink lipstick, and her elegant necklaces. Hilda’s fashion is pretty colorful when compared to Zelda’s. She puts on a modest makeup and could be seen wearing bracelets and necklaces. Today we have come up with a quiz that you can take to find out which Spellman sister are you?

So Take This Interesting Quiz From The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina And Find Out If You Are Aunt Hilda Or Aunt Zelda?

So which of the two Sabrina’s witch aunts do you prefer and why so? Do let us know by commenting your opinion below the article. Don’t forget to share this amazing Chilling Adventures quiz with your friends.
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