Salary Of Bodyguards Of Top Bollywood Stars

Welcome to Humor Nation. Actors employ bodyguards for their security. Does this sound weird? But its true. As actors themselves have a 6-pack body and have enough courage to protect themselves but the reason for hiring bodyguard is not just for security, but they provide a shield to the stars from their crazy fans. And keep their schedule and meetings in mind and always stand by their side in the ups and downs of their life. They make actors feel more comfortable. They are paid for their work and devotion by their managers.

Let’s take a look at the salary of 5 bodyguards of the renowned stars of Bollywood.

5. Shahrukh Khan 

Salary Of Bodyguards Of Top Bollywood Stars

Ravi Singh, the Bodyguard of King Khan receives the salary of 2.5 crores per annum. Previously Yaseen worked for him who was the most trusted bodyguard of him, who used to live with him in Mannat itself, later he left SRK after getting a gifted house from SRK on his wedding. He started his own security firm and shifted there with his family. SRK’s current bodyguard is Ravi Singh who accompanies him everywhere.

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4. Salman Khan

Shera is the name of the bodyguard of bhaijaan. Just like him, he is also the Bhai of all celebrities bodyguard. He receives an amount of 2 crores per annum. From the last 18 years, Shera has been with Salman Khan in every up and down of his life and also wishes to live with him throughout the life. Salman Khan dedicated his movie Bodyguard to Shera.

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