10 Scariest Prisons In The World That Are Worse Than Hell

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Only in India it’s seen that criminals are also treated properly in jail no matter how big crime the person may have committed, there human rights are always secured. But in many other countries the ones who have broken a law or committed a serious crime have to go through a strict process are treated in the worst way. These prisons are no less than Hell.

So here are those top 10 prisons where criminals are treated like hell!

1. La Sabaneta Prison, Venezuela

10 Scariest Prisons In The World That Are Worse Than Hell

Lot of violence occurs in this prison and any sick prisoner or wounded one is not given any kind of medical aid, even if the person is dying of his ill health. Lack of food for the prisoners is a common problem here and in the year 1994, 100 prisoners were killed out of nowhere and in a year 700 people died of cholera as the sanitary condition of this prison is also the worst.

2. Al-Ha’ir Prison, Saudi Arab

In this prison the criminals are tortured so much that it becomes like a place of hell for them, many die during the process of the torture. Some tried to protest against the torture techniques but nothing except death of a few prisoners happened, in the year 2002 a fire killed 140 prisoners and almost 40 guards.

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3. Gitarama Prison, Rwanda

This prison is seriously the scariest prison as prisoners are not given sufficient food and sometimes they eat each other’s flesh to survive and such cases happen there frequently. In a room where only 400 prisoners could fit in, 6000 are put in a cell where they just die of suffocation.

4. Diyarbakir Prison, Turkey

This prison just breaks every human right and prisoners are tortured so much that they willing want to die than just live such a life. They are tortured, sexually abused, mentally harassed and even the children of this prison are also treated the same way as elder prisoners are treated.

5. La Santa Prison, France

The prisoners in this prison are so mentally and physically harassed that they end their life in whichever way possible. They even swallow forks, rat poison and even drain to however end their life than to live in this prison.

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