5 Horrific Russian Experiments That Russia Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know

Hello, Internet! It’s that time again where we delve into the darkest depths of the internet and dissect the deepest dangers of the human mind. Welcome to Humor Nation and as always I’ll be your host as we take a look at Scary Russian Experiments. Throughout history, we have several tales of creepy, bizarre and disturbing human experiments which have taken place secretly, all these horrific experiments in the name of science.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Horrific Russian Experiments That Russia Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know!

5. Zombie Dogs

5 Horrific Russian Experiments That Russia Doesn't Want Anyone To Know

In 1940,  the Soviet Union released a 20-minute long motion picture titled Experiments in the Revival of Organisms. Conducted by a Soviet research group who were focusing on the potential resuscitation of dead organisms, the video shows in great length canines being killed and then brought back to life in various horrifying ways. Credited to Doctor Sergei Brukhoneko and Boris Levinskovsky the video shows several severed dog heads that have been kept alive for hours on end.

These poor guys were even wiggling their ears, still licking their mouths, and responding to the humans around them. The two scientists claimed that the animals were kept alive by an artificial blood circulation system. Crazily enough the doctors developed a new version to be used on humans that very same year and well no one really knows what happened to that. The doctors went on to be awarded the prestigious Lenin Prize although some commentators have questioned the films authenticity claiming that the severed dog’s head only survived for a few minutes when attached to the artificial heart. Nasty stuff.

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4. Underwater Cities

In the 1960s the Soviet’s decided that land wasn’t enough so they changed things up a bit and headed underwater. By 1966, the Ichthyander Project was well underway by a group of amateur divers at their own site in the Crimea. It seemed that in Soviet Russia anyone could take a pop at experimental science. And well it was pretty much an unrivaled success. The same year as part of the project a human being spent 3 days continuously underwater held in a small metal structure at the bottom of the Black Sea.

Well, it picked up some serious hype and the underwater project soon attracted the attention of the Soviet science authorities. This led to an even bigger push into the experimental field and in the project operated an underwater habitat for over weeks. Mysteriously after that Project Ichthyander was abruptly dissolved but records state that the research led to several other Soviet experiments into underwater habitats such as Sakdo Chernomor and Sprut.


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