5 Scary Websites That You Should Never Ever Visit

So up until now I’ve know the internet to be a happy place. Full of laughter love and joy. Well a little bit of that disappeared today after doing research for this list. There’s some freaky and scary websites out there you guys. And I guess since you clicked this article, I assume you want to learn about them so I’m gonna tell ya. Welcome to Humor Nation guys! Before we get started I want to know what is the site you visit the most. Let me know in those comments.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Scary Websites That You Should Never Ever Visit

5. The Death Clock

Yeah unless you want to know exactly when your going to die don’t go to this site. Yeah this just really freaks me out. I know chances are it’s just BS but it would just put me in a panic until the day I’m supposedly going to die rolled around. So on this site you first need to answer some questions such as your date of birth, gender, BMI, smoking habits etc. After doing this the site will tell you the exact day the internet believes you are going to die. Right down to the very second. I would say don’t do this because its just going to mess with your head. But on the bright side there have been no recorded deaths that matched up with this site that we know of anyway.

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4. Read My Poo

Yes, this is an actual site. Just save yourself from this grossness and do not go on this site. Trust me you don’t want to go to that side of the internet it’s a very scary place. So this site is just what the name suggests. People go to the site, post pictures of their poo and then other people view these pictures and rate them. And then on top of all that people tell you what they believe your poo is trying to say. It’s just something you could and should go your whole life without looking at.


3. Joy Of Satan

This site is dedicated to the religion Satanism. Satanism is a belief system that is based off a group of ideological and philosophical beliefs based on Satan. The group was formed in 1966. The site contains endless amounts of information of the religion including their beliefs origins details about Lucifer and even how to become a Satanist. But the most unsettling part of all of this is the manner in which the site tries to rig visitors into joining their religion. The pages tend to focus on teens and kids as they encourage them to join hell’s army and to summon demons from hell. They use the fact that children and teens are impressionable and rebellious to their advantage and suck them in.

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2. Bestgore

So this site is all about controversial and disturbing images. So disturbing that the sites founder Mark Marek actually went to jail. This site it a shock site. The main aim is to shock its users. This site is home to the most disturbing videos you can imagine. Just to give you an idea some of the top videos are of be-headings and dismemberment. The scariest part of all is that these are not made up videos. They are highly violent videos photos and real life news stories. Nothing on this site is made up or pretend.

1. Human Leather 

This has to be one of the most messed up sites I have ever heard of in my life. Just the name alone tells you this isn’t going to end well. So unfortunately this name of the site is pretty legit. This is a British sales website that sells products that have been manufactured from human skin. Apparently human skin resembles leather so someone thought it would be a good idea to make products such as belts, wallets, shoes and bags. Belts being the best seller. These products have been carved from actual human skin.

The site says that Human leather is produced from skin sourced from everyday normal people. These people have left there skin to the manufacturers prior to their death. Yes apparently people have actually agreed to donate their skin to be made into these products. Who would actually be able to skin a dead person and make their skin in to products every day? But more importantly who would want to buy these products? It’s a messed up world out there.

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