Scientists Have Created Edible Water To Replace Water Bottles

On the off chance in case if you didn’t notice the fact that bottled water is slowly killing our planet and it’s become an annihilating threat to the planet. We all are aware of the important health fact to drink a lot of water. It’s necessary for the body. But the plastic bottles in which the water is packed and sold are dangerous for the earth and it’s green environment.

Scientists Have Created Edible Water To Replace Water Bottles

One arrangement which could be used as a solution to this problem is using the reusable bottles that you can fill from any close-by taps as opposed to purchasing a new water bottle each time you’re thirsty. But there’s another alternate which appears to be significantly more exciting.

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Engineers at Skipping Rocks Lab have built up a great thing called “The Ooho!. It’s a globe filled edible water that you can fit entirely in your mouth and then pop it. This form of edible water is the future.

The external shell of this globe is made of green growth i.e. algae, so it’s consumable and biodegradable. This means that there’s no requirement for bundling the water in plastic bottles – the globes of water are independent and prepared to be devoured. This sounds really exciting, ain’t it? Additionally they look awesome and cool which is a bonus.


The group have now made a crowdfunding page to make their creation accessible to people in general, with objectives of selling The Ooho! at celebrations and marathons within the following year.

‘Ooho! is a sustainable alternate to the packaging and bundling of water in the plastic bottles and containers. ‘The Ooho’ has been produced using an ocean seaweed extricate,’ the group has clarified this on their crowdfunding page.

Ooho is entirely biodegradable and it is 100% natural, thus you can eat it. Ooho sachets are adaptable and flexible water bundles or packets, they can be consumed by tearing a hole in it and then pouring it in your mouth or you can consume it as a whole.

Oocho sachets are less expensive than plastic and can exemplify any refreshment including water, soda pops, cold drinks, spirits, and even beauty care products. Which all sounds splendid.

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Skipping Rocks hasn’t yet announced the retail cost for the product, yet considering they just take a penny each to make, we figure they’ll be cheap. A little cost to pay to get hydrated and feel all great about not destroying the earth, we figure.

So guys what’s your take on this new invention of science? How do you feel about the innovation of edible water, do you think it’ll the water bottles? Feel free to share your views and opinions with us. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page Humor Nation. If you enjoyed the article then do share it with your friends.

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