Dark Secrets Of F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cast That Fans Must Never Know

Welcome to Humor Nation. Remember that day when the purple door closed on the reel but the pain was real? It’s like just yesterday when Chandler asked everyone where to get coffee from. It feels like F.R.I.E.N.D.S wasn’t just a TV series but a part of our lives. But the question is, did you know the six of them the way you think you do?

Let’s take a look at some dark secrets of the cast members which made their lives floppy-

1. While we can’t forget the F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes, Matthew Perry doesn’t remember three whole years of the show.

Secrets Of F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cast That Are Darker Than Pheobe's Past

Matthew Perry has been open about his addiction and as a consequence of substance abuse, Perry doesn’t remember three years of the show. Somewhere between season 3 and season 6.

2. Jennifer Aniston almost left the show before the final season.

Jennifer wanted to end the show when they were at a high and people still loved them. She had doubts regarding how much more of Rachel she had in her. Well, we’re glad you stayed on the show and not on the plane!

3. Matt LeBlanc has two DUIs.

DUI stands for driving under influence. In 2014, LeBlanc revealed that he has been arrested more than once for driving while impaired. He said that he was just lucky that the mugshots didn’t come out.

4. Courtney Cox regrets getting plastic surgery.

Courtney confessed that she grew up prioritizing appearance which was kind of sad and later got her into trouble.

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5. Lisa Kudrow was sued.

After a legal dispute with her former manager, Lisa Kudrow was found guilty of a breach of contract in 2014. She eventually forked over $1.6 million which might sound like a lot of money but it’s actually close to how much she was making per episode in 2004.

6. David Schwimmer feuded with his neighbors in New York.

After demolishing the townhouse he bought, his neighbors were so unhappy with the construction that someone actually painted the words “Ross is not cool” on a nearby fence.

7. It is the cast’s collective decision to not do a reunion show.

Well, we have to accept it but never give up hope.

So, these were some dark secrets from the lives of the funniest and admirable friends. But secrets or no secrets, they’ll always be there for you!

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