Security Expenditures Of These Famous Businessmen Will Leave You Speechless

Welcome to Humor Nation. Life without it’s struggles is like a rose without it’s thorns, incomplete. First we struggle to earn money and then we struggle to keep it and ourselves safe. Is money the end of everything? I strongly opine the otherwise. With money comes power and so does danger. Let’s take world’s richest businessmen for instance, millions of their money shells out into safety and security measures for themselves and their loved ones every year.

Let’s take a look at the amount these famous businessmen spend in protecting their livelihood-


By the end of 2014, India’s richest businessman was spending about Rs 15 lac per month for security purposes. His business and the amount spend on his safety has definitely increased ever since. However, the recent figures are quite a blur.

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Security Expenditures Of These Famous Businessmen Will Leave You Speechless

Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple and his company pays around Rs 1.5 crores yearly in order to provide high-level security to him.



Security Expenditures Of These Top Businessmen Will Leave You SpeechlessFacebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg pays Rs 13.5 lac every day for his security. Last year, Facebook spent approximately Rs 49 crores on it’s founder’s security.


The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos spent approximately Rs 10.75 crores on his security in 2016. There’s no doubt that the amount must have increased with the success of Amazon in the recent years.

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Warren Buffet is the CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathway and paid Rs 2.60 crores for his personal security in 2016. The amount to be spend on his security has been increasing every year since 2014.

Well, this for a fact clears out that there’s plenty of upside to being a fortunate CEO. But this wealth and power also comes with a big downside: there can be all sorts of dangerous threats to personal safety. I agree that making money isn’t easy but maintaining the money earned isn’t a piece of cake either!

Kudos to these very successful businessmen who not only manage to expand their business every year but also manage to keep their hard earned money and themselves safe! Well, everything comes with a price.

I never imagined that someone in some corner of the world would ever spend such big amounts of money only for security purposes! Well, these figures were quite unbelievable for me. Comment below and let us know how shocking this disclosure was for you! 
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