7 Sexist Bollywood Moments That Should Have Never Been Approved!

4. Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani was a very ambitious film which failed miserably. In the film, two characters try molesting Manisha Koirala’s character Divya, but Sunny Deol comes to the rescue. What follows next is the various cast members try to convince Manisha to forgive her molesters and suggest disgusting reasons for their actions. 

Atul: Tumhare Jaisi Ladki Ko Dekh kar mare huya aadmi ka dil bhi dhadak uthe. Yeh toh phir bhi jeete jagte naujawan hai.

Vivek: Jaha Itne log tumhe mana rahe hai waha tumhe maan lena chaiye. Nahi toh hume lagega ki tumhe apni khubsurti pe kuch jyada hi guroor hai. 

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5. Judwaa 2 is the reboot of the hit 1997 Salman Khan starrer of the same name. When both the twins are in proximity to each other, their reflexes start operating simultaneously. One of the twins has a tendency to spank the butts of women whenever he sees them. Like this is supposed to be normal, a stranger slapping women’s rear ends. 

6. Raja Ki Aayegi Baarat, a film which showcases Rani’s character Mala as an independent woman who stands for her beliefs. Mala slaps a guy for saying some derogatory and disgusting words for her friends. This guy later molests Mala. The police get involved and this guy Raj is arrested. The matter goes into court, Raj is found guilty and the court orders him to marry Mala in the next twenty-four hours. What kind of justice is this? The victim is married to the abuser.

7. Raanjhanaa was a critical and commercial success, but there are so many things wrong with this film. How Dhanush’s character Kundan pursues Zoya is controversial. Kundan continuously chases her, flirts with her, even stalks her, in this one-sided love. Kundan cannot take no for an answer so he cuts himself in front of Zoya. Such reckless and obsessive behavior in the name of love should never be promoted.

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