10 Things You Should Know About Thanos Before Watching Avengers: Infinity War

Welcome to Humor Nation. One of the most powerful villains to ever grace the Marvel comics is Thanos. But it’s not his dominance and amazing power that makes him a great villain, Thanos is a very complex character with a tragic past. His backstory is filled with a relentless ambition that has carried over from the comic panels to the movie screen. So today we’re going to be counting down some of the reasons why he’s so adored by fans with our top Thanos facts list. And heads up there’s a few spoilers on this list for the recent Thanos run in the Avengers: Infinity War. You’ve been warned.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Things You Should Know About Thanos Before Watching Avengers: Infinity War!

10. His First Appearance

Thanos debuted in Iron Man #55 in 1973. Creator Jim Starlin had approached Marvel editor Roy Thomas who asked him if he wanted to do an issue of Iron Man. Starlin said that he felt that this may be his only chance ever to do a character, not having the confidence that  his career was going to last anything longer than a few weeks. So they got jammed into it. When the character first appeared, he was very skinny, and then he got big in size.

9. Infinity Gems

He Doesn’t actually need the Infinity Gems. In the most recent run on Thanos vol 2 issue 14 reveals a Thanos of the future in which he slaughters a ton of heroes including the X-Men, Namor and Atlantis, the Guardians of the Galaxy King Thor and Maestro Hulk. All without the help of any of the Infinity Gems. He then builds himself a temple out of the bones of slain Celestials where he plans on living out his life in complete silence. But in typical Thanos nature that doesn’t satisfy him. He ends up travelling to the past to visit present day Thanos and asks for his help in finding Lady Death. Regardless of that it’s quite neat to see that Thanos is still just as powerful without the Infinity gems and his gauntlet further solidifying how much of a threat he is in the Marvel universe.

8. Drax

In the MCU Drax is one of the beloved characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. But in the comics his origin story differs quite a bit. Drax was actually created with the purpose of killing Thanos. Drax was originally a man named Arthur Douglas, a human on Earth who had been driving through the Mojave Desert with his wife and daughter when Thanos passed by overhead. He destroyed their car in an attempt to keep his visit to Earth a secret. Thanos’ father had been monitoring him though and captured the astral form of Arthur in order to put it into a humanoid body with super powers. With the intention of using this new creature named Drax the Destroyer as a means of keeping his son from becoming a bigger threat.

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7. Obsessed with Death

Thanos due to his deformed state compared to other Eternals something we’ll touch on later didn’t have the most pleasant of upbringings. In his youth, he became obsessed with the concept of death so when he encountered the entity Lady Death, he was overcome with love for the first time in his life. This love is what drove him to strive to become more powerful so that he would be worthy of her love. This escalating from conquering to his desire to obtain the Cosmic Cube and to the creation of the Infinity Gauntlet to harbour the power of the infinity gems. When he had discarded the Cosmic Cube believing he had drained it of his powers, MarVell got his hands on it and reverted the universe to what it had previously been which made Thanos lose all of his power and Death rejected him because of it.

6. Christmas

He likes Christmas Sort of. When taking in Gamora, Thanos thought it would be best for her psychologically to condition her in the same ways that you would a normal child. This included giving her a birthday and celebrating Christmas. Or as he calls it honouring the pre-Christian yule with shades of modern earth’s Christmas tossed into the mix.


5. Thanos Copter

In Spidey SuperStories #39, readers were given a real treat in the story ‘The Cat and the Cosmic Cube’ in which Thanos took on Hellcat (known as the Cat in this instance). How? By chasing her around in a helicopter with his name written on it. He doesn’t even really do much with it except follow her around and set off explosions causing her to lose her balance. And drop the cosmic cube.

4. Deviant Syndrome

Born with Deviant syndrome Thanos was born on Plant Titan which orbits Saturn and is home to a colony of Eternals. When he was born it quickly became apparent that he showed signs of having Deviant Syndrome which is a rare condition in which an Eternal closely resembles a Deviant. Deviants are enemies of the Eternals. Thanos had hidelike skin and his body was massive and deformed. His mother went mad and tried to kill him. Things only got harsher for poor Thanos and growing up he only ever played with his brother Eros. He eventually made friends, but they were all killed in a terrible accident which severely traumatized him. It’s no surprise that the immortal Eternal became obsessed with death. Kinda gives you a new sympathetic appreciation for Thanos doesn’t it?

3. His Name

Did you know Jim Starlin based the character off of things he learnt in his college psychology class. This includes Thanos name. It derives from Thanatos who in Greek mythology was the personification of death. Thanatos also refers to the death drive’ which allegedly compels humans to engage in risky and self destructive behaviour that could potentially lead to their own death.

2. Rip-off

Speaking of Jim Starlin, the writer artist has admitted that Thanos was heavily inspired by DC characters. Initially Starlin was enchanted by Jack Kirby’s New Gods. Thanos was inspired by Darkseid, but that was not the case according to Jim. The character has taken inspiration from Metron and his buffed up physique made him resemble Darkseid.

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1. Real Name

10 Things You Should Know About Thanos Before Watching Avengers: Infinity War

His Real Name Part of that new Thanos run and issue 14 story line gave us a new tidbit of information about the Mad Titan. Thanos’ real name is actually Dione. Aside from exploring his future the villain’s backstory is also elaborated on including his birth on planet Titan. When King Thanos of the future arrives he convinces Thanos that he is who he says he is by revealing a piece of information only the two of them would know that the name his mother had given him before going mad was actually Dione.

There we have it friends! Are you reading the current Thanos run? What’s your thoughts on it? Let us know in those comments below!

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