Shah Jahan: The Most Erotic Emperor In Mughal History! Alleged Of Making Relations With His Daughter

Welcome to Humor Nation. From Babar to Akbar, the Mughal emperors are considered to be quite religious and efficient rulers, but the heirs of this Mughlia Sultan, especially Shah Jahan was different.

Shah Jahan: The Most Erotic Emperor In Mughal History! Alleged Of Making Relations With His Daughter

Shah Jahan is considered to be a villainous and perverted sexual desire ruler.

In addition to the thirteen wives of Shah Jahan, there were 5000+ women in his Harem with whom he used to enjoy as per his wishes. Under the rule of Shah Jahan, their sub-castes kept their wives away from the eyes of their emperor.

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Once Shah Jahan looked at the beautiful Bibi of his Subedar Afgan Khan, who married him in law and changed his name to Mumtaz Mahal. This angered Shere Khan who rebelled against Shah Jahan, then Shah Jahan killed him in the court. In the memory of this Mumtaz, Shah Jahan had constructed the Taj Mahal in Agra. After only seven days of Mumtaz’s death, he married his younger great Farzana.


Shah Jahan was so infamous for his sexuality that many historians have held him guilty of sexually assaulting his beloved daughter, Jahra. Historian Francis Varnier has written that Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal’s eldest daughter, Jahanara Begum looked like their mother.

That is why after the death of Mumtaz, Shah Jahan started enjoying his own daughter, Jahanara Begum. Jahanara Begum was so loved by Shah Jahan that he did not allow her to be married. When a discussion started in the palace, after seeing this love of the father-daughter, a meeting of Mullah-clerics was convened, which justified it.

Akbar had made this rule, that the daughters of the Mughlia clan will not get married. The result was that the girls of Mughal dynasty used to resort to illegal courtesies, along with the servants, relatives and even relatives related to eradicating their physical hunger. It is said that once a day, when Jahanara was making love with one of his servants, Shahjahan suddenly came in his room, fearing that the servant hid in the tarmac of Harman, Shahjahan set fire to the tandoor and burnt him alive.

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When this connection of Jahanara and Shahjahan came to light, Aurangzeb got him imprisoned in Agra Fort. In Aurangzeb, he also took the charge of an ideal son and allowed him to keep many royal prostitutes along with his father’s sensuality. According to The History Channel, the death of Shah Jahan was the reason for eating highly addictive medicines. I.e. till the last life of life, Shah Jahan continued to prosper.

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