Some Crazy Indian Food Challenges Around The World You Should Definitely Try!

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. You must be a foodie to properly enjoy your life at its fullest. To know any part of the country and its culture properly, you just need to try the food they have to offer. Eating is one of the essentials of our daily routine, but what if you get a challenge for eating. Sounds crazy?

Here are some of the best Indian food challenges from various places:

1. Unlimited Golgappa eating competition:

Chatkara golgappa stall, Janakpuri, West Delhi is one of the most famous stalls among the foodies and for all the golgappa lovers out there. This stall offers unlimited golgappas for only Rs 80/- per person. If you get a chance, do visit and have some crazy challenge with your friends.

Stall Name: Chatkara Golgappa, Address: Choti Sabzi Mandi, Janakpuri (Janakpuri East Metro Station).

Some Crazy Indian Food Challenges Around The World You Should Definitely Try!

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2. Undefeated Indian food challenge:

Prince of Punjab’s Indian Food Curry Challenge (cost: £61):  There is a 1 kg mixed grill with Indian flavours. You have to choose 5 curries from the list of available options. You also have to choose 5 naans. There is a 45-minute limit to finish everything. With this challenge, you are betting the restaurant and if you lose the challenge, you pay for the meal. If you win the challenge, you get your meal free and you also get whatever the total price of your meal back in cash.

This Indian food curry challenge offered at Prince of Punjab Pub and Grill situated in Leicester, England.

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