Some Fascinating Facts About The Character Of Dean Winchester

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While both Sam and Dean Winchester are the primary protagonists of the Supernatural, but there’s no denying that the popularity of the character of Dean is simply unparalleled. Dean is the archetype of a hero, a character with unbelievable amount of courage and fearlessness, who has experienced tremendous amount of pain and tragedy, made numerous sacrifices. The character of Dean wouldn’t be as popular as it is today if it weren’t for Jensen Ackles. The actor not only brought the character to life, but added several dimensions to it. Dean differs from his brother in numerous ways. He is funny, empathetic, and has a carefree attitude.

So Take A Look At Some Fascinating Facts About The Character Of Dean Winchester


The CW

While Supernatural is pretty known for causing the demise of its fan favorite characters and then bringing them back somehow. Both Sam and Dean have been at walked through death’s door numerous times and somehow managed to return to the land of the living. But did you know that the character of Dean Winchester has died a total number of 111 times over the course of 15 seasons, making him the character with most number of deaths and resurrections in the series.

  • Count: 1 Season 2 “In My Time of Dying” – His first demise came due to an accident, but he was brought back to life when his father made a deal with Azazel.
  • Count: 103 Season 3 “Mystery Spot” – This episode featured Dean meeting his demise a total number of 103 times in various different ways such as getting ran over by a vehicle.
  • Count: 1 Season 3 “No Rest For The Wicked” – Due to his deal to bring back Sam, the demonic pit bulls come to earth to claim the soul of his.
  • Count: 1 Season 5 “Dark Side of the Moon” – Both Sam and Dean meet their ends at the hands of other hunters who do it prevent the apocalypse. Season 11 “Red Meat” – To save his brother and communicate with the Billie, Dean takes a drug.
  • Count: 1 Season 6 “Appointment In Samarra” – He experiences death in order to reach out to the deity Death to help him in getting the soul of Sam back. Season 9 “Do You Believe In Miracles?” – He meets his end at the ends of Metatron, but the mark resurrects him and transforms him into a demon.
  • Count: 1 Season 12 ” First Blood” – Dean makes a deal with the reaper Billie to get free of the prison captivity.
  • Count: 1 Season 13 “Advanced Thanatology” – To help out the ghosts. This time Dean is resurrected by Death.
  • Count: 1 Season 15 “Carry On” – Final demise that happens while Dean is hunting a nest of vampires with Sam.


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