Some Fascinating Facts About The Character Of Dean Winchester


Some Fascinating Facts About The Character Of Dean Winchester
The CW

While both Dean, Sa, and Castiel are responsible for causing the demise of the villains on the show. But Dean Winchester has the highest number of kills. He is responsible for causing the demise of some of the main villains on the show. The list of the characters who met their end at the hands of Dean Winchester is quite long. It includes different angels including Zachariah and Lucifer. It includes plenty of regular demons along with powerful ones such as Cain, Azazel, and Abaddon. Dean has destroyed numerous kinds of Supernatural creatures, entities, and beings. The list also includes, Eve, the leviathan leader Roman, the Styne Family, even the Death himself. By no means, Dean was able to eliminate some of these powerful entities using his sheer strength, he used the Colt to end Azazel and other demons, he used Death’s Scythe to eliminate Death, and the first blade to cause the end of Abaddon while bearing the mark.

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Some Fascinating Facts About The Character Of Dean Winchester
The CW

Dean Winchester has travelled to the past and to the future. Making him the only character who has time traveled to the past multiple times and once in the future.


Dean Winchester has been to the dimension of Hell after the hellhounds dragged him there in Season 3 finale. He was later rescued by Castiel in the premiere episode of Season 4. He has visited the realm of Heaven several times. Dean was transported to Purgatory in Season 7 finale when he ended the leviathan leader. Dean has also visited Avalon which is the realm where the fairies live. Interesting thing about visiting to this world is the travelers who have to this world are able to see the fairies on earth.


  • In the episode ‘The End’, Dean is transported to the future world where the apocalypse has taken place. Sam has consented to Lucifer and Dean is leading a resistance group against Lucifer.
  • In the episode ‘The French Mistake’, Dean and Sam are transported to an alternate reality where they are characters who are played by actors named Jensen and Jared. Supernatural is a fictional show in this reality.
  • In Season 12, we were introduced to the Apocalypse Universe where Sam and Dean are never born. As a result, the apocalypse happened and it ruined everything.
  • Sam, Dean, and Castiel are transported to the Scooby-Doo World in Season 13 where they join the gang and solve a mystery.


Some Fascinating Facts About The Character Of Dean Winchester
The CW

While Dean Winchester is a human hunter, but over the course of the Supernatural, he has transformed into several different kind of beings. He became a vampire thanks to Sam who wanted to hunt the Vampire nest. Dean would transform into a Jefferson Starship, but the transform wasn’t permanent. The mark of Cain transformed Dean into a Knight of Hell in Season 9 finale, of which he was cured of in Season 10. He has also been a ghost quite a few times in the course of Supernatural. And finally, Dean has been possessed by the archangel Michael in Season 13 finale making him a character who has been both a demon and an angel (sort of).

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