Some Interesting And Unknown Facts About Anushka Sharma

4. In an interview Anushka Sharma confronted that people used to call her ugly and that used to bother her a lot and made her question herself. She also used to have nervous breakdown because of this fact. Ranbir Kapoor’s tantrums once made her cry on the sets of Bombay Velvet.

5.According to certain reports, it was pretty clear that Anushka Sharma was a muse of MF Hussain’s art and he also wished to draw her portrait but couldn’t. I wish he did!

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6. Anushka Sharma also launched a campaign to aware people about saving the environment against all sorts of pollution in order to safeguard the animals. She named this campaign as “Pawsitivity”.

7. She did not just became a star overnight and she practices her scenes for a day or two so that the shot is pitch perfect.

Anushka Sharma is one of the finest actresses we have today in Bollywood and since her debut film she hasn't stopped outshining her talent in this industry.

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