Some Interesting And Unknown Facts About The 95 Years Old MDH Owner

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. It is nearly hard to miss the old man in the MDH ads and the old man in it is Dharampal Gulati who is popularly known as the king of spices in India. He has reached this height of success through years of struggle and hardships, so today we’ll know more about him and his famous company that expands every second. So let’s start!

So here are some lesser known facts about the MDH owner- Dharampal Gulati!

1. Dharampal was born in Sialkot, Pakistan and his father opened a spice shop in the year 1919 where Dharampal also started working after quitting his school at 5th grade. After partition they moved to India and started living in Amritsar.

Some Lesser Known Facts About The 95 Years Old MDH Owner

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2. In his early days Dharampal after the partition he struggled and then he bought a horse drawn carriage with Rs. 650 that he took from his father and took passengers from Connaught Place to Karol Bagh.

Some Lesser Known Facts About The 95 Years Old MDH Owner

3. After that he sold his carriage and again started selling spices after buying a small shop. He started his business again in Karol Bagh and that is why Karol Bagh is an auspicious place for him.

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