Some Interesting Facts About Supernatural & Its Cast


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  • The characters of Castiel and Bobby Singer were not supposed to be regular or recurring. But due to the tremendous fan response, they were promoted to recurring. Did you know Eric Kripke has cancelled the demise of Castiel on two different occasions.
  • Did you know that the name ‘Winchester’ is a nod to the infamous Winchester Mystery House which was built by Sarah Winchester, owner of the Winchester Company which manufactured firearms. Interestingly, in the Season 4 Episode ‘It’s A Terrible Life’, Sam and Dean are placed in an alternate reality where they are not brothers and have the last names as Sam Wesson & Dean Smith. This is a reference to the Smith and Wesson firearm company.
The CW
  • There’s a popular belief that Supernatural was envisioned as a five season arc by Eric Kripke, but this isn’t entirely accurate. Kripke revealed that there was always the uncertainty of cancellation. There was never a ‘x’ amount of seasons that he planned, but he definitely envisioned his arc concluding with the apocalypse. Coincidentally, it all came together in Season 5. Many of the storylines, characters, happened on the fly.
  • Chuck’s pen name Carver Edlund is a tribute to Ben Edlund & Jeremy Carver, the producers of the show. Whereas the character of Bobby Singer was originally planned to be Bobby Manners, to be named after Robert Singer and Kim Manners, but it was eventually changed to Bobby Singer

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The CW
  • Jared Padalecki has a tough lucky when it comes to stunts. While filming Season 2 Episode 3, Jared’s character Sam is battling vampires in which he has to fall backward, but he ends up breaking a bone in his hand. Jared didn’t even realize that he broke his hand until he got the hand x-rayed. In the episode ‘Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things’, Sam can be seen without a cast as it was due to continuity. There is a scene where he is carrying a shovel, it is in order to keep his arm stable. The writers included the zombie attack to explain the broken hand injury. He kept on filming the episodes and went on to have a surgery in midst of shooting. However, this wasn’t the only injury that Jared sustained. In Season 10, Jared can be seen wearing a cast on his shoulder. It was because Jared dislocated his shoulder while messing around with Osric Chau who played Kevin Tran. The writers again came up with a logical explanation for the cast.
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