Some Interesting Times When Supernatural Broke The Fourth Wall

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural has always been fearless, never hesitated from experimenting and trying something unique. While most of the shows are careful about the storylines content, not to include any detail that diverts away from the show. But the writers and actors of the show have always embraced the fan culture, they have gone to the extent of acknowledging the opinions and views of the fans by incorporating it in into the storylines. There are numerous episodes where the writers have quietly inserted references and nods which breaks the fourth wall. The meta moments of Supernatural not only entertained the fans, but it gave them the impression that they are also actively participating in the show.

So Take A Look At Some Interesting Times When Supernatural Broke The Fourth Wall


Some Interesting Times When Supernatural Broke The Fourth Wall
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Jared Padalecki was Dean Forester on Gilmore Girls long before he became the hunter named Sam Winchester. It was the Gilmore Girls which gave him his career’s biggest break before SPN. Interestingly, SPN Season 2 featured a very evident reference to the Gilmore Girls. In SPN Season 2 episode titled ‘Hollywood Babylon’, the Winchesters arrive in Hollywood to investigate a series of bizarre passing, all of which have taken place on the sets of a horror film. While Dean loves horror films and is very thrilled about the case, Sam is not much excited. So there’s a scene when Sam and Dean are taking the film city tour where they come across the sets of Gilmore Girls. The tour guide points it out that on the right is the setting for Gilmore Girls. The camera then focuses on Jared AKA Sam who looks nervous. When the guide says that they might even run into one of the stars of the show, Sam decides to get off the ride. Jared’s reaction makes this meta moment much more fun.

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Some Interesting Times When Supernatural Broke The Fourth Wall
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan is best known as John Winchester among the SPN Fandom. John might have appeared in only a handful of episodes, but his character is pretty significant to the story of SPN. He laid the foundation for Sam and Dean who eventually groomed into these skilled hunters. JDM made a special appearance in episode 300 titled ‘Lebanon’ which aired as a part of Season 14. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is well known for his work in Grey’s Anatomy, Rampage, Watchmen, and others. But his role as Negan on the Walking Dead which is his most popular role ever. So Supernatural cannot miss a chance to reference to JDM’s character Negan on TWD. The episode ‘Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell’ of Season 12 starts with Dean returning from a hunt and he is holding a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat and mentions how his dad loved this thing. This is a reference to Negan’s weapon named Lucille on Walking Dead.


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