Some Lesser Known Facts About The Human Body

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Your body is many things that you even don’t know, it is like a walking chemistry set, a mechanical device and also a sustainable life form that changes after every time period. There are many things that you should know about your body, so let’s start and discuss about those facts.

So here are some lesser known facts about the human body!

1. Did you know that you add almost seven miles of new blood vessels in you body for every pound fat you gain? If no, then it’s a great thing to know about your body.

Some Lesser Known Facts About The Human Body

2. It is said that fat tissues are hard to burn but on the other hand muscle tissues are three times more efficient at burning calories.

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3. This fact may seem a bit weird but it is true that you are taller in morning than you are in evening. That is because the excess fluids replenish between your spinal discs in sleep that make you half inch taller in morning.

4. Did you know that in order to avoid digesting itself, the stomach manufactures a new lining in every three days. A stomach can dissolve itself because it secretes hydrochloric acid that is very corrosive.

5. Our body produces so much heat in about half an hour that it can boil about half a gallon of water.

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