Some Unknown And Fascinating Facts About Sam Pitroda

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation.  Sam Pitroda’s actual name is Satyanarayan Gangaram Pitroda and he was born in Odisha’s Titilagarh and in a pure Gujarati family. He is an inventor, policymaker, entrepreneur and a telecom engineer. But nowadays he is in news as he made a debatable statement about the Pulwama. To know more you have to take a look down below at his crazy facts. So let’s start!

So here are some fascinating facts about Satyanarayan Gangaram Pitroda!

1. His early life

Some Unknown And Fascinating Facts About Sam Pitroda

He went to Vallabh Vidyanagar School in Gujarat and after that from Maharaja Sayajirao University he completed his Master’s. After that he went to United States and completed his study in Electrical Engineering. Then in 1975 when he was in GTE(Chicago) he invented Electronic Diary. He had also developed about 580 DSS switches in Wescom Switching.

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2. His achievements

Some Unknown And Fascinating Facts About Sam Pitroda

He is the Founding Commissioner of UN Broadband Commission, Chairman of Vikram A.Sarabhai Community Science Centre and M-Powering Development Initiative of the ITU in Geneva. He is also the Board member of World Wide Web’s foundation and also IIT and Institute of Design, Chicago’s board member. It’s not yet over because he is also the founding partner of the Young Indian Company which is based in India.

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3. His contributions

Some Unknown And Fascinating Facts About Sam Pitroda

He with Mr.Hubert launched People for Global Transformation which helps in generating greater thinking for transformation in technology and its development.He also established IFBN(India Food Banking Network) to create a wide network of Food Banks in India. He also opened the GKI(Global Knowledge Initiative) with Sara Farley and Nina Fedoroff which is a NGO that forges, sustains and optimizes higher education and research all over the world. He also established Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Tradition which promotes Ayurveda. He nearly holds five major NGOs.

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