Some Unknown Supernatural Facts & Trivia That Are Amusing


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural is a show that will always remain relevant and popular as ever among the fans. Even though it concluded in 2020, but many new fans who have only recently started watching it on some streaming network or came to know about it through their friends are now loving it, and wants to know more about this epic show. For those, who are fans of this show for more than a decade, they just cannot get enough of it. Even the most passionate fans are learning or discovering something new about the show everyday.

So Take A Look At Some Unknown Supernatural Facts & Trivia That Are Amusing


Some Unknown Supernatural Facts & Trivia That Are Amusing
The CW

If you still haven’t seen ‘Sandman’ on Netflix then you should check out today. The Sandman is based on the Vertigo Comic book series of the same name written by Neil Gaiman. Numerous attempts were made in the past to adapt this dark and thrilling fantasy comic books into a TV show, but none succeeded until the latest one. Even the hit Netflix show ‘Lucifer’ is based on the character of the same name which first appeared in the ‘Sandman’ and later got his own spin-off comic series. What we didn’t know is that our beloved Supernatural has also taken inspiration from the ‘Sandman’.

The CW

While answering questions on his Twitter, Neil talked about the Jon Peters script for the Sandman adaptation. But when a fan asked him about the Eric Kripke’s proposed script, the Sandman author responded saying that it was ‘Terrific’, but due to the confinements of the network television, the show would have lost the essence of Sandman. Kripke responded to the assessment of his favorite comic book author admitting that it would have indeed failed and resulted in a bad show. He’s glad that Neil Gaiman waited it out and now we have the perfect Sandman adaptation on Netflix. Eric Kripke who is currently busy with ‘The Boys’ Season 4 revealed in a tweet about the influence of the Sandman on his show Supernatural. Now if we look back at Supernatural again, we will notice that many of the themes, scenes, and visuals are heavily colored by Sandman. If you look at the early episodes, the horror ambience, the creatures & monsters seem like taken from the nightmares of Sandman.


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