Story Of A Woman Who Made Rs. 227 Crores By Selling Chai

Welcome to Humor Nation. It is a very common habit in every Indian household to drink tea every day. Now whether it’s winter or summer, the lovers of tea would take a sip anyhow. But have you guys ever heard that through the selling of this chai someone has managed to establish a company of 227 crores. It’s shocking, isn’t? Well today in this article, we will be talking about a lady who earned Rs. 227 crores by selling tea. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page Humor Nation.

So Let’s Take A Look At Story Of A Woman Who Made Rs. 227 Crores By Selling Chai

This is the story of Brook Eddy, the CEO, and Founder of ‘Bhakti’. Brook Eddy came to India in 2002 for a spiritual tour, she was a hippie back then. And like many Hippies, she didn’t know what to do with her life. While staying in India, she was fascinated by the Indian culture and she became a fan of the ‘Chai’.

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After staying for one year in India, she went back to America. There she could not find anything like the ‘Chai’ in the American cafe. So Brook started making tea by herself at home and like the Indian culture, she started offering ‘chai’ to her guests like the Indian tradition.

Everyone applauded the tea made by Brook and they even asked the recipe from her. And this gave her the idea of starting a tea business locally and earn some money. She named her tea ‘Bhakti’ and started the door-to-door selling of this gingered tea.


Through her time in India, the word ‘Bhakti’ resonated with her, and she had decided that if her plan finds success then she would help the people in India. Slowly her brand became popular, it was successful at the local level, and she started receiving funding offers.

In 2007, she officially launched the ‘Bhakti’ tea. Since in America there’s a vast market for hot and cold coffee, Brook introduced the ‘Iced Chai’ in bottles. She tied up with many food outlets. Today in 2018, after 11 years, the brand value of her tea is more than Rs. 227 crores. Her brand ‘Bhakti’ has now become international.

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Even after finding such enormous success and earning an immense amount of money, Brook didn’t forget the promise she made to India. Her love for India could be understood from the fact that Brook has invested Rs. 35 Crores in the villages of India and helped in introducing the facilities for sanitation, clean drinking water, electricity and other facilities.

The story of Brook is so inspiring because there was a time when she would earn less than 10$ by selling chai at doorsteps. Today her company’s value is more than Rs. 227 crores.

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